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    Zen Noir Far Infrared Sauna 3 Person - WA
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    Zen Far-Infrared Ultra Spacious Sauna - 4 Person (Wheelchair Accessible)
    $3,995.00 $5,295.00
    Save $1300
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    Zen Ultimate Far Infrared Sauna - 1 Person - WA & SA stock
    5% discount - use V4L5OFF coupon
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    Zen Combination Sauna - 2 Person - WA
    5% discount - use V4L5OFF coupon
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    Zen Combination Sauna - 2 Person
    Dispatching August
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    Zen Molight Far Infrared Sauna 3 Person
    Dispatching late Aug / early Sept
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    Zen Ultimate Far Infrared Sauna - 1 Person
    $3,195.00 $3,495.00
    Save $300
  8. Rating:
    Zen Far Infrared Sauna 3 Person
    Dispatching August
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    Zen Far Infrared Sauna 2 Person
    Dispatching late Aug / early Sept
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    Zen Far Infrared Sauna 1 Person - White
    $2,295.00 $2,495.00
    Save $200
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    Zen Far Infrared Sauna 1 Person - Red
    $2,295.00 $2,495.00
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Zen Far Infrared Saunas

Vitality 4 life has been designing and manufacturing saunas with overseas factories for more than 15 years.


This ‘Zen’ Brighton Sauna was inspired by the cute beach huts you see on English beaches. This is a far infrared sauna, a technology that Vitality 4 Life pioneered 15 years ago .


Far infrared waves are a natural part of sunshine. We often think of it as the same thing as ‘heat’ because it makes our skin feel warm. It is a healthy ‘heat’ and has two important properties. The far infrared waves penetrates deep into the body. It assists the body’s natural cleaning process by assisting our largest organ to do it’s stuff. We are designed to ‘sweat’.



The interior of the Zen Infra Red sauna is made from Canadian hemlock wood, which is both light in colour and has a smooth, even grain. Hemlock is a preferred choice of wood for infrared saunas due to its non-toxic and non-allergenic nature. No toxic glues or artificial oils are used in the construction process and the wood smells fresh and wonderful when you are sitting inside.


The exterior is Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) Surface on Hemlock. Properties of MDF include:
It is an excellent substrate for veneers.
Some varieties are less expensive than many natural woods Isotropic (its properties are the same in all directions as a result of no grain), so no tendency to split
Consistent in strength and size
Stable dimensions (won't expand or contract like wood)


    The sauna arrives flat packed in two boxes. Two people can assemble in 30 minutes. An electric drill is handy but not necessary. The electronics are colour coded and simply plug into each other. The power cord simply plugs into the wall. No electrician is required.



Responding to our customer needs, we set out to source this compact sauna 90cm wide, 65cm deep and 185cm high. It is perfect for an undercover patio, balcony, large bathroom, spare room, garage. It can be installed where ever there is a weather proof area and access to electricity. As it has been so smartly designed, the Zen Sauna can be easily dismantled and relocated.



Simply heat between 15 - 30 minutes before you enter. At around 30 minutes it will have reached maximum heat for you to begin your sauna session. A few 30 minutes sessions a week is recommended or daily for maximum benefit. If you haven’t had sauna therapy before, or you are sensitive to heat, until you feel comfortable for a full 30 minutes session, spend 10 minutes in the sauna or as long as you are comfortable. The beauty of an infrared sauna is that it maintains a constant and consistent heat with no cooling down or pockets of colder air. This is when the infrared heat penetrates they skin.


The Zen Brighton Infrared Sauna has three panels of carbon heaters which penetrate the skin deeper through higher infrared emissions, which gives greater therapeutic treatment.



Carbon Heaters use a large majority of the internal walls and backs of benches to be evenly heated and sweat from all parts of the body. Carbon heaters create higher and more efficient infrared waves and the elements themselves are more energy efficient.


Carbon Fibre is flexible and almost impossible to break. In regards to running costs, the website of a well known electricity provider says a 1000w heater will cost 24c per hour to run. Therefore, with the Zen Sauna of 930w, it will cost 23c per hour to run.



Far Infrared Rays (FIR) penetrate the skin and are absorbed by deeper tissues. Where FIR is absorbed, it is transformed into heat.  Infrared light is one of seven categories of electromagnetic radiation.  Infrared wavelength lies between visible light and microwaves. 


Near infrared’ is closest to visible light, while ‘far infrared’ is closer to microwaves.  Near infrared rays have shorter wavelengths measured in thousandths of a millimeter - about the size of the diametre of a cell.  Far infrared rays are longer, as much as 1 millimetre – about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen.


Our eyes are sensitive only to wavelengths much shorter than near infrared and we do not see infrared light. Infrared radiation is not heat. It is invisible light transmitted by heated objects.  Heat is a measure of the energy of motion of the particles of a substance.



Conventional saunas operate at temperatures of 80 - 104 degrees Celsius and must rely on direct heat to produce any results (you are sitting in a very hot environment for as long as you are able to stand it), while an infra red sauna, operates at a much cooler 18 - 60 degrees Celsius, yet you sweat more profusely in an infrared sauna. You can produce up to 3 times the sweat volume at a much more comfortable temperature causing vastly improved perspiration characteristics, with a higher degree of comfort. The slow heat leads to profuse sweating over a longer period of time. The first couple of times you use the sauna, you may not sweat hardly at all… once you use it more regularly, the sweat really begins to increase.



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