Vibration Machines

Home vibration machines are making an impact on general fitness, rehabilitation and serious training, ranging from compact disc units to more advanced platforms offering up to 50 vibration settings and advanced and targeted preset programmes.

Vibration discs or platforms produce a repetitive movement and vibration which sends pulses of energy and movement through your body. The strength of the vibration or oscillation is controlled manually or with preset programmes.

All static or dynamic movements including standing, sitting, kneeling, lying and placing your hands can be performed on the vibration machines. Most gym training or yoga postures can also be performed.

Machines have variable speed / oscillation settings to cater for people rehabilitating, new to an exercise regime or the serious athlete.

Disc and platforms range significantly in price and function, from entry level equipment to advanced training platforms.

The more advanced machines have a body mass index / heart rate monitor display and straps which extend the range of exercises or postures which can be performed on the platform.

These machines come with an Instructional DVD, specifically developed for this range and details positions and postures for a personalised program for you to follow.
This range includes the Vibroflex Vibrational Training Bar which is a simple yet powerful exercise tool. Swinging the bar produces vibrations at a particular frequency that passes through the body to elicit a muscular response. This makes active the muscle twitch response where muscles contract and relax quickly and produces a loading of the muscle fibres.

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