Vibration Machines

If you are looking to lose weight or tone your body but don't want to spend hours running or slaving away at the gym, then a Vibration Machine may be perfect for you and Vitality 4 Life have the best range at the best prices...


How can a Vibration Machine help me to lose weight?

Vitality 4 Life vibration machines are all oscillating, this means the plate moves from side to side with one end rising while the other lowers. This action mimicks the way the body walks or runs, depending on the speed of vibrations and incorporates the hips and lower back at the same time to get a fuller range of movement.

These powerful oscillations transfer energy to the body's muscles to cause hundreds of muscle contractions per minute, just like standard exercise would do but in a more concentrated amount. This means that the time taken to exercise using the vibration machine is far smaller than traditional exercise because the contractions and muscle activation is more concentrated.

Which Vibration Machine is best for me?

Vibration Machine Offer

The VibroSlim Ultra is our best selling model and is our perfect "all-rounder" machine:

  • Flat, large platform for stabity & balance
  • Workout DVD, upper-body resistance straps & remote control included
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 20 speed settings & 3 pre-set programs

Compare Vitality 4 Life Vibration Machines

The VibroSlim Ultra Pro is basically the same machine as the Ultra, however has a more sleek and modern appearance and also has on-board speakers which have Bluetooth connectivity - perfect for those who want to listen to music while they workout!

The VibroDisc was our best-seller for many years, and was the first free-standing, compact style of machine available in the Australian market.Thousands of customers across Australia use and love their Vibrodisc and it offers incredible value at only $349. It is more bulky that the VibroSlim Ultra counterparts but if this isn't a concern for you, the Vibrodisc is an excellent machine.

Vitality 4 Life Vibration Machines

Vitality 4 Life Approved Product

Vitality 4 Life were the original importers of vibration machines in Australia, and have been selling them ever since! Vibration machines have come a long way since then, and are now in much more compact, easy to use and attractive. Customer's all across Australia are using and seeing great results from their Vitality 4 Life vibration machines.

Our range of vibration machines offer incredible value for money: through long warranties, great accessories and the true quality of the machines. Our machines are built from over 20+ years of speaking with our customers and learning about what they want in fitness equipment and you know when you purchase a Vitality 4 Life vibration machine that you are backed by an Australian owned and operated company with Australia service and support.

See why our customers love their Vitality 4 Life Vibration Machine: