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  • Zen 3 Person Low EMF Infrared Sauna

Zen 3 Person Low EMF Infrared Sauna


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✓ Low EMF (2-4mGs)
✓ 5.6-15 micron far infrared heating technology to detoxify the body and relieve stress
✓ Functional design that can be built in or free-standing
✓ Made from natural Canadian Hemlock wood
✓ 6 carbon heaters
✓ Temperature range of 0 - 65 °C / 140 °F
✓ 2 Speakers
✓ LIFETIME warranty on carbon heaters | 12 months general warranty
✓ Please allow 2 to 3 days for dispatch
FREE Shipping to NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, VIC ** see below for other states


Zen 3 Person Low EMF Infrared Sauna

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  • Zen 3 Person Low EMF Infrared Sauna left side
  • Our popular Zen 2 and 3 person saunas are now LOW EMF infrared saunas. In this day and age we are surrounded more than ever by electrical appliances that emit Electro Magnetic Fields. These are areas of energy that surround our electronic devices including mobile phones, televisions, kitchen appliances and more. Our bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses i.e., brain and heart function, nervous system and digestion so over exposure to EMFs could cause symptoms of illness, especially for those with low immunity. Standard infrared saunas emit up to 13mGs (milliGauss) but the Zen Infrared Low EMF saunas emit a low 2 – 4mGs, well below the levels deemed to be safe.
    With our new 3 person low EMF Infrared sauna you can enjoy the social and the health benefits of having your own infrared sauna at home. Invite your friends over, try an at-home workout together and enjoy a sauna session as well. Saunas encourage blood flow to tired muscles helping them to recover and relax more quickly.
    Conventional saunas use steam to heat the air around the user to extreme levels, while a Zen Infrared Sauna directly heats the user with Infrared waves – creating a ‘dry’ warmth.
    This affordable range of saunas feature the very latest in carbon heating technology wrapped up in beautiful, high quality natural Canadian Hemlock wood. The Zen Infrared sauna combines modern technology and quality manufacturing for use in your own home with enough room for three! Your friends will love it.


Compact and Easy to Install

Style and Convenience

  • The Zen 3 Person Low EMF Infrared Sauna is designed as both a stand-alone unit and modular, meaning they can be built into existing areas of the home like the bathroom, pool area or spa. At only 155cm wide it is compact, simple and stylish.
    You and your friends and family can enjoy the health benefits of far infrared technology without the need to invest thousands of dollars or having to rearrange your home to accommodate. Perfect for those planning to renovate, redecorate or move home – you can easily take the Zen Low EMF Infrared Sauna with you.
    The Zen ‘Brighton’ Saunas are recommended for indoor use or in a covered, well sheltered outdoor area. Assembly and installation are easy – only 2 people are required, and we recommend the use of an electric drill. Simply plug cord into wall socket - no need for an electrician. In less than an hour, you will be enjoying the benefits of your new low EMF infrared sauna!


Affordable, Low EMF and energy efficient

Superior quality Canadian Hemlock Wood

  • Relax at home in a 3 person Zen Low EMF Infrared Sauna
  • The Zen 3 Person Low EMF Infrared Saunas are made from beautiful, natural Canadian hemlock wood, which is light in colour and has a smooth, even grain. Hemlock is known for being extremely strong and durable and is the preferred choice of wood for infrared saunas due to its non-toxic and non-allergenic nature.
    The Zen 3 Person Low EMF Infrared Saunas feature the very latest carbon fibre heating technology, designed to give your body the ultimate detoxification in every session. Three panels of carbon heaters penetrate the skin deeper through higher infrared emissions, which gives greater therapeutic treatment. These carbon heaters are energy efficient and come with a LIFETIME warranty.


Health and Beauty Benefits

Skip the spa and detox at home

  • Woman And Towels In Sauna
  • Infrared Saunas are great for detoxifying the body, relieving stress and increasing circulation. Regular sauna use has been found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue and pain syndromes, dementia and alzheimer’s disease*.
    Aside from these many health benefits your Zen Low EMF Infrared Sauna for 3 has many beauty benefits for you and your friends to enjoy. Treat your friends to a home spa experience without the expensive treatments! Our skin is an important organ and it needs regular exercise and natural oil replenishment. Regular sauna sessions improve blood flow, aiding the growth of new skin cells. Natural oils are stimulated helping us to look younger and give skin a healthy glow. The glands on our heads also benefit, with the sauna stimulating natural conditioning oils to give your hair a natural boost.

  • *Source:
    Findings from ‘Clinical Effects of Regular Dry Sauna Bathing: A Systematic Review’
    Joy Hussain and Marc Cohen

  • ** For larger items such as Saunas and Pilates equipment, we will need to add additional freight charges for customers in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania. Please place your order for the products and we will then contact you with the best possible costs including subsidised shipping. Alternatively, contact our customer service team and we will give you the freight quote prior to ordering.

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Additional Information

Brand Zen
Model Number FRB-033LC
UPC 9341061013525
Colours Available Natural
Domestic Warranty LIFETIME warranty on carbon heaters | 12 months general warranty
Product Weight 130 kg
Shipping Weight 140 kg
Product Dimensions W 155cm x D 110cm x H 190cm
Shipping Dimensions Delivered in three parts: a) L 191cm x W 164cm x D 18cm b) L 191cm x W 115cm x D 15cm c) L 163cm x W 116cm x D 26cm
Wattage 2200w: 6 heaters in total. Rear: 380W x 3 (1000x 400mm) | Left: 380W x1 (1000 x 400mm) | Right: 380W x 1 (1000 x 400mm) Bench: 300W x 1 (1000 x 300mm)
Voltage 220-240v
Certified CE Certified
Materials Interior and Exterior: Canadian Hemlock
Extra Features 6 heaters in total. Rear: 380W x 3 (1000x 400mm) | Left: 380W x1 (1000 x 400mm) | Right: 380W x 1 (1000 x 400mm) Bench: 300W x 1 (1000 x 300mm)