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  1. Waterlovers-Water-Distiller-Coconut-Charcoal-Replacement-Cartridge-6-Pack

    Waterlovers Coconut Charcoal Filter 6 pack

    Waterlovers Coconut Charcoal Filter 6 pack Learn More
  2. Waterlovers-Water-Distiller-Cleaner-300g

    Waterlovers Distiller Cleaner 300g

    Waterlovers Distiller Cleaner 300g Learn More
  3. Waterlovers-Water-Distiller-2.8L-Borosilicate-Glass-Jug

    Waterlovers Glass Jug 2.8L

    Waterlovers Glass Jug 2.8L Learn More

Waterlovers - for lovers of wonderful water

Waterlovers is 100% Australian owned and operated.

The vision for the 2800 Waterlovers Water Distiller was conceived in 2012 and from there we worked closely with CQ Design in the Netherlands to create a beautiful and technologically advanced Water Distiller.

The 2800 Water Distiller has been halted while the Waterlovers continue to work with a new manufacturing partner. We will keep you updated as to when Waterlovers may supply us with a new model.