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  1. Waterlovers Water Distiller

    ✓ Australian & Dutch design & engineered ✓ Stainless steel boiler + glass jug ✓ Comes with Coconut Charcoal Filters 6 packs and 300g Water Distiller Cleaner ✓ Removes 99.9% of chemical and bacterial contaminants ✓ Removes chlorine, fluoride, mercury, lead, arsenic, viruses and more ✓ Water never comes into contact with any plastic Learn More

    Waterlovers Water Distiller reviews
  2. Waterlovers-Water-Distiller-Coconut-Charcoal-Replacement-Cartridge-6-Pack

    Waterlovers Coconut Charcoal Filter 6 pack

    Waterlovers Coconut Charcoal Filter 6 pack Learn More
  3. Waterlovers-Water-Distiller-Cleaner-300g

    Waterlovers Distiller Cleaner 300g

    Waterlovers Distiller Cleaner 300g Learn More
  4. Waterlovers-Water-Distiller-2.8L-Borosilicate-Glass-Jug

    Waterlovers Glass Jug 2.8L

    Waterlovers Glass Jug 2.8L Learn More

Waterlovers - for lovers of wonderful water

Waterlovers is 100% Australian owned and operated.

The vision for the 2800 Waterlovers Water Distiller was conceived in 2012 and from there we worked closely with CQ Design in the Netherlands to create a beautiful and technologically advanced Water Distiller.

The 2800 Water Distiller has undergone rigorous testing to ensure we deliver the highest quality Water Distiller built to last and produce continuous consistent results for many years. We love drinking clean pure water, and have found distilled water to be an excellent source of purified water.

We are proud to present the 2800 Water Distiller. We believe it will bring you improved health and a reliable, convenient method of water purification.