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  1. Wheatgrass Growing Kit

    Wheatgrass Growing Kit

    ✓ Contains 5 food-grade plastic growing trays ✓ Includes 1kg of certified biodynamic wheatgrass seeds ✓ Includes detailed instruction booklet with wheatgrass juicing recipes ✓ Grow enough wheatgrass for 4 people to have 30ml of wheatgrass daily Learn More
  2. DEMO Vibro Slim Vibration Platform

    ✓ Latest in convenient at home vibration technology ✓ Slimline design ✓ Suitable for all ages ✓ Yoga Mat , Resistance Straps and DVD included ✓ 20 Speed levels Learn More
  3. Bamboo Cutting Board

    Bamboo Cutting Board

    ✓ Very durable, made from 100% bamboo ✓ Won’t warp or crack ✓ Bamboo doesn't absorb many materials, protecting it against common bacteria Learn More
  4. Hungry For Change DVD

    Hungry For Change DVD

    ✓ From the makers of Food Matters ✓ Interviews with best-selling authors and medical experts ✓ Exposes secrets of the weight loss, diet and food industry Learn More
  5. Food Matters DVD

    Food Matters DVD

    ✓ How to use food as medicine ✓ Do vitamin supplements really work? ✓ Is organic better? ✓ How safe is our food? ✓ Natural treatments for lowering cholesterol ✓ Foods that fight anxiety and depression ✓ Natural therapies for cancer ✓ Which drugs might do more harm than good? ✓ The best ways to detox, lose weight and keep it off! Learn More
  6. Wheatgrass Info Pack

    Wheatgrass Info Pack Learn More
  7. Mini Wheatgrass Growing Kit

    Mini Wheatgrass Growing Kit

    ✓Contains 2 mini food-grade plastic growing trays ✓Includes 250gm of certified biodynamic wheatgrass seeds ✓Includes instruction booklet with wheatgrass juicing recipes ✓Grow enough wheatgrass for 1 person to have 30mls of wheatgrass daily! Learn More
  8. Vitality 4 Life Product Catalogue 2014

    Vitality 4 Life Product Catalogue 2013 Learn More
  9. DEMO The Little Yello Steam Cleaner

    ✓ Clean your home with the power of Steam! ✓ No harmful chemicals, no bleach, no toxic cleaning agents ✓ Clean ALL areas of the home - bathroom, kitchen and even car! ✓ Remove smells, stains, odours off all types of surfaces Learn More
  10. DEMO BL-30 Manual Stainless Steel Wheatgrass & Vegetable Juicer

    ✓ High quality stainless steel manual juicer ✓ Designed for juicing fruit, vegetables, wheatgrass, mincing and nut butters ✓ Fully portable for use at home or away ✓ Pressure adjustment screw for increased yield ✓ 3 year warranty Learn More

Shop the range of Vitality 4 Life branded products which embody everything that is unique to Vitality 4 Life – a product range for a healthy home. Your home is the one place where you have complete control over the decisions you make about your health and your home should empower you to make healthy choices. Surrounding yourself with things that inspire you to achieve your optimum health is key, and the Vitality 4 Life products will do just that.

The Vitality 4 Life branded products have met our strict selection criteria – offering genuine value for the customer, recognises and respects the scarcity of the planets resources and most importantly offer genuine health benefits to the user.

If you are looking for parts or accessories for any of your Vitality 4 Life products, click here.