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  • Vibroflex - Vibrational Training Bar

Vibroflex - Vibrational Training Bar

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✓ A fast effective way to kick start or enhance your exercise regime
✓ Suitable for all levels of fitness - anyone can use it 
✓ Pick it up and just start swinging! 
✓ Fully portable - take in anywhere!


Vibroflex - Vibrational Training Bar

Build core stability, tone up & improve form with vibrational training

  • Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or strengthen your core, the Vibroflex has proved its effectiveness over and over again! The Vibroflex is the latest piece of exercise equipment with vibration technology that has taken Europe by storm. Originally developed by German physiotherapists using the Propriomed, a more expensive alternate unit used to develop proprioception.
    The training principle is based on vibration technology. Swinging the exercise bar produces vibrations at a particular frequency that pass through the body to elicit a muscular response. This activates the muscle twitch response leading the muscle to contract and relax quickly loading the muscle fibers.
    The Vibroflex can be used to compliment any exercise program. The best thing is that it only requires 10 to 15 mins a session 3 times a week so it suits people with less time for fitness activities. It doesn't matter what age or level of fitness you are you can add the Vibroflex to your exercise regime to gain muscle tone, strength, mobility and core stability.
    Vibroflex is a hand held oscillating device with you as the power source. So you and your body are in control – if at any stage you don’t feel comfortable, it just stops!

The VibroFlex Benefits:

You can use the Vibroflex to...

  • - Increase blood flow
    - Aid muscular imbalances
    - Exercise with little or no impact on the joints
    - Enhance balance, reaction times and proprioception
    - Increase bone density
    - Even suitable for those with mobility problems

Vibrational Training for Long Term Fitness

Getting the Most out of Your Vibroflex...

  • For long term health, a strong set of core muscles is essential to any fitness routine. Training with the Vibroflex strengthens the core muscles improving mobility and rotational range of motion.
    A fast effective way to kick start or enhance your exercise regime, the Vibroflex is suitable for all levels of fitness so anyone can use it – pick it up and just start swinging!
    The Vibroflex recruits more muscle groups when performing exercises therefore expending more energy. When you expend more energy, you burn more calories. More calorie expenditure means that you lose more weight!
    It’s completely portable so you can take it anywhere with you and the Vibroflex comes with a comprehensive wall chart with 16 illustrated exercises with training tips and techniques!

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