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Vibration Machine - Vibrodisc Exercise Platform

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Please note this product has now been replaced with the new VibroSlim Ultra Vibration Machine!


Vibrodisc Vibration Platform

The original compact vibration machine

  • The Vibrodisc Vibration Platform was the original compact vibration platform bought to you by Vitality 4 Life. We have now encorporated the latest vibration technology and replaced the VibroDisc Vibration Platform with the best-selling VibroSlim Ultra Vibration Machine, as seen on TV on Australia's largest home shopping network. See more information about our VibroSlim Ultra here.

    The Vibrodisc has multiple speed settings, preset programs, a powerful motor and even comes with a remote control, workout DVD, stretchy arm straps and a detailed manual with exercises. The Vibrodisc will enable you to take your fitness routine to a new level and improve tone, flexibility and strength in virtually all areas of the body.


Suitable for All Fitness Levels & Ages

The Vibrodisc is for everyone!

  • One of the benefits of the Vibrodisc is that it can be used for such a wide variety of exercises and positions, meaning you can completely tailor the workout to suit your fitness level. Vibrodiscs are used by personal trainers and the elderly alike! Virtually any exercise performed at the gym or during yoga can be integrated into the Vibrodisc routine and the range of exercises is virtually limitless! The beauty of the Vibrodisc is that you can also simply stand on the machine for an easy and un-strenuous workout. You will feel the blood circulating after only minutes.
    The Vibrodisc also comes with a set of stretchy arm straps meaning you can now use the Vibrodisc as a whole body workout machine, strengthening and toning the arms while performing core and leg exercises.


Strengthen, Tone & Slim Down with Vibrodisc

Use the power of vibration technology to improve your fitness!

  • The Vibrodisc is a powerful oscillating vibrating platform using vertical vibrations combined with side-to-side alternating rocking movements which triggers the body's muscles to naturally contract and relax. This contraction is what tightens and tones the muscles , just in the same way that exercising at the gym or during yoga would. The stronger the muscles in the body are, the bigger the capacity to burn fat, not only while exercising but even while sleeping or sitting.
    The Vibrodisc has 20 speed settings which means you can control the level of oscillation depending on the exercise you are doing or your fitness level. The included DVD features the Vibrodisc '20 Minute Total Body Workout' designed to slim, tone and strengthen the muscles and improve your level of fitness - you will notice the difference after only a week!


Effective Exercising with the VibroDisc

Examples of the types of exercises you can do with the Vibrodisc...

  • Stand & Squat: this is the most basic position and is perfect for an entry-level, low impact exercise, you can even do it in front of the TV. You simply stand on the platform with feet & knees hip-width apart and then squatting down as much as you are able, with 3 second holds.
    Alternating Lunges: This is great for the buttocks and upper thighs... Simply place one foot firmly on the base of the platform and place other foot on the ground. Bend both knees until both are at a 90 degree angle. You can do this to your abilities, only dropping as far as what your strength allows.
    Push Up or Plank: Place both hands on the base of the machine, and you can either elevate yourself with feet into a planking position or rest knees on the ground, bringing your knees forward for less intensity. You can then dip the elbows for an extra arm and shoulder workout.

  • Vibrodisc Vibration Platform Exercises
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SKU Vibration-Machine-Vibrodisc
Yellow: FP-VM-VD-AU-YE
Burgundy: FP-VM-VD-AU-BU
Silver: FP-VM-VD-AU-SV
Brand Vitality4Life
Best Selling Yes
Model Number VD003
UPC Yellow: 9341061001522
Blue: 9341061001539
Burgundy: 9341061000525
Black: 9341061001515
Silver: 9341061001546
Platform Type Oscillating
Frequency 5 - 10 hz / 50 Voltage hz
Speed Range 1 - 20
Colours Available Blue/Yellow/Black/Silver/Burgundy
Included Accessories Remote control, Instructional Exercise DVD, Comprehensive User Manual with Exercises, Resistance Handles
Warranty 3 Years
Product Weight 30kg
Shipping Weight 32kg
Product Dimensions L 62cm x H 22cm x D 62cm
Shipping Dimensions L 69cm x H 29cm x D 69cm
Wattage 300w
Voltage 230v
Certified CE certified
Extra Features 125 kg Max User Weight
Decibel N/A
Cable Length N/A
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  • Comprehensive User Manual with Exercises
  • Instructional DVD Included
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