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Rio Beauty Ultrasonic Facial


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✓ Combining Cleansing & Revitalising Treatment Stages
✓ 100% of women experienced instantly smoother skin!*
✓ Deeply Exfoliates & Removes Impurities
✓ Professional Quality Treatment at Home


Rio Beauty Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing System

The ultimate at-home beauty treatment

  • The Ultrasonic Facial combines two unique beauty treatment programmes for the ultimate facial treatment in your home. The Ultrasonic Facial will cleanse, firm and revitalise the skin while improving the skins absorption of serums and creams.
    In fact, 100% of women experienced instantly smoother skin after using the Ultrasonic and 96% of women rated the Ultrasonic Facial as either good or very good*! Learn more about why both customers and professionals love the Ultrasonic Facial by Rio Beauty.
    The Ultrasonic Facial works in multiple stages just like a professional facial would, changing technique and applications to give a complete facial rejuvenation experience. The Ultrasonic works in two treatment stages...

Stage 1: Cleansing & Exfoliation Treatment

Deep clean & preparation

  • Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser
  • Firstly, is the cleansing and exfoliation treatment stage, designed to deeply clean and prepare the skin. During this stage continuous sonic waves are used to expel dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. As the tip of the scraper moves over the moistened surface of the skin, the ultrasonic vibrations gently flush out the impurities from deep within the pores which basic face washing simply cannot do.
    There is both low and high settings so you can tailor the cleanse to suit your skin and its sensitivity.
    This targeted exfoliation of the skin instantly makes skin feel softer and smoother, with 100% of women agreeing*!

Stage 2: Micro-Patting Treatment

Plump & smooth

  • Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser
  • Also known as Sonophoresis, micro-patting is used in beauty salons and clinics to leave the skin plump and smooth with fine lines ad wrinkles reduced. In this stage, pulsing sonic waves at a low frequency increase the permeability or absorption ability of the skin meaning that your serums or moisturisers can be absorbed deeper into the skin.
    This pulsing action of sonic waves also increases the circulation and reactivates the muscles in the face, resulting in reduced fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin tone.

Suitable For All Skin Types

The Ultrasonic is ideal for:

  • Blackheads & blocked pores: The scraping technique combined with ultra-sonic vibrations is the perfect way to lift black heads from deep within the pore, meaning they are eliminated completely. Simple exfoliation simply can’t remove blackheads so completely and thoroughly.
    Creating a smoother base: Customers who use the Ultrasonic Facial are amazed at how their makeup now sits flawlessly on their skin. Creating a smooth foundation layer on the face is essential for makeup to sit evenly and fluidly on the skin. Beauty experts agree that attending to the health and vitality of your skin is what will make makeup stay on longer and give you that "air-brushed" look.
    Both anti-ageing & cleansing benefits: One of the great things about the Ultrasonic Facial is it is the perfect mix between reversing the signs of ageing and preventing them in the first place. The first stage of the treatment cares and nourishes the skin to help stop impurities damaging the skin cells and causing fine lines, dry skin and wrinkles. The second stage works to lift the already existent signs of ageing by infusing collagen, moisturisers or serums deeper into the skin.
    Sensitive skin: The Ultrasonic Facial is also a great option for people who suffer from skin sensitivity. Without using harsh brush bristles or scrubbers, the Ultrasonic gently removes impurities using only the power of sonic vibrations.

Additional Information

Size N/A
Brand Rio Beauty
Model Number FASS2
UPC 9341061006442
Motor 25,000 vibrations per second
Frequency 50 Hz
Colours Available White
Included Accessories 1 x Charging Adaptor
Product Weight 0.21 kg
Shipping Weight 0.7 kg
Product Dimensions L 5cm x W 2cm x H 17cm
Shipping Dimensions L 25cm x W 20cm x H 14cm
Voltage 240v
Certified CE Certified