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Rio Beauty Skin Revive Light Therapy


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✓ Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Ageing Treatment
✓ Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
✓ Naturally Boosts Collagen
✓ Firms & Tones
✓ 633nm Red Light Source


  • Rio Beauty Skin Revive Light Therapy
  • The Skin Revive Red Light Treatment from Rio Beauty combines powerful NASA developed red light therapy in an easy to use, compact machine ideal for home use. Red light therapy is used in beauty salons and clinics across the world as a natural, gentle and effective way to rejuvenate and heal the skin.
    Red light therapy is used for a wide array of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, scarring, eczema, cold sores and spots as well as for its skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing benefits. Red light therapy is non-invasive and cost-effective and with the Skin Revive you can benefit from red light therapy in your own home without the need to travel to beauty clinics.
    Red light therapy is quickly becoming known as the safest, fastest and most painless way to achieve brighter, tighter and younger looking skin.

Skin Revive - Compact, Effective & Easy

Experience red light treatment in the comfort of your home

  • The Skin Revive features a 633nm red light source with a smart and compact design. It is so simple that you can even use the Skin Revive while watching the TV! A typical session of red light treatment at a beauty clinic ranges from between $100-$200, so over the course of 10 treatments, this can become quite expensive!
    With the Skin Revive’s compact design you can specifically target areas of the skin you are particularly concerned about including the neck, hands and décolletage, something which commercial, larger machines simply cannot do.
    The Skin Revive doesn’t require any harsh creams, serums or lotions to be used in conjunction with the therapy. The Skin Revive is completely natural and simply helps the skin to repair itself from the inside, out.

What is Red Light Technology

Experience red light treatment in the comfort of your home

  • Rio Beauty Skin Revive Light Therapy
  • Red light works to penetrate the dermis (tissue supporting layer of the skin) with both heat and light. This combination boosts circulation and brings more blood to the targeted area. With blood comes nutrients, giving that area of the skin a much needed boost. As cytokines (proteins which act as "cell signals") are released, fibroblasts (collagen producing cells) spring into action by first healing and treating the skin as needed and then secondly by plumping and firming.

Beneficial for Anti Ageing

Turn back the hands of time...

  • Sun exposure, stress and age cause fibroblasts cells to slow their production of collagen which results in skin becoming weaker and less firm. Often this begins to happen at around the age of 40. When the Skin Revive re-activates fibroblasts into producing collagen it is effectively helping the skin to repair and heal itself rather than just on a cosmetic level. The result is firmer, toned and plump skin with reduced wrinkles and lines.

Beneficial for Healing the Skin

Treat a wide variety of differing skin conditions & issues...

  • In the same way that the Skin Revive works to fight ageing, it heals the skin. Collagen is what gives the skin support and structural strength and helps replace and restore dead skin cells meaning that collagen is vital for the skin to repair and heal itself. As the Skin Revive kick-starts collagen production, wounds begin to heal faster and more efficiently. Red light therapy has been beneficial for people suffering from a range of skin conditions and issues ranging from burns, cuts, acne, cold sores, psoriasis, eczema and much more.

Improve Skin within 1 Month!

How long will it take to see results?

  • Clinical trials of red light therapy/photomodulation have shown improvements after just 8 treatments over the course of 4 weeks. Results vary depending on the user's age and skin condition, however usually best results are seen after using the Skin Revive for 6-8 weeks, twice per week.
    After the initial treatment stage, general maintenance is recommended once per week or fortnight.

Additional Information

Size N/A
Brand Rio Beauty
Model Number LITE
UPC 9341061006480
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Colours Available White
Included Accessories Charging Dock and Power Adapter
Domestic Warranty 2 Years
Product Weight 0.18 kg
Shipping Weight 0.6 kg
Product Dimensions L 5cm x W 5cm x H 18cm
Shipping Dimensions L 25cm x W 20cm x H 14cm
Voltage 100-240v
Certified CE Certified
Extra Features 633nm red light