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Rio Beauty

  1. Rio Beauty Deep Pore Cleanser

    Rio Beauty Deep Pore Cleanser

    ✓ Faradic Technology to Rejuvenate the Facial Muscles ✓ Galvanic Technology to Absorb Products Deep into the Skin ✓ Four Treatments - Cleanse, Prep, Moisturise and Refresh ✓ Includes Gentle Facial Cleanser & Cotton Pads ✓ 2 Year Warranty Learn More
  2. Rio Beauty Sonicleanse

    Rio Beauty Sonicleanse

    ✓ 10,000 Oscillations per Minute ✓ Suitable for Face & Body and all Skin Types ✓ Low & High Speed Settings ✓ Water Resistant – For Use in Shower or Bath ✓ Includes: 1 x Soft & 1 x Super Soft Brush Head ✓ 2 Year Warranty> Learn More
  3. Rio Beauty Ultrasonic Facial

    ✓ Combining Cleansing & Revitalising Treatment Stages ✓ 100% of women experienced instantly smoother skin!* ✓ Deeply Exfoliates & Removes Impurities ✓ Professional Quality Treatment at Home Learn More
  4. Rio Beauty GO Laser Home Hair Removal

    ✓ Best-Selling Model in the UK & Europe ✓ Target & Permanently Disable the Hair Follicle ✓ Treat up to 60 Hairs’ in a Few Seconds ✓ 808nm Pulsed Laser ✓ 2 Treatment Modes for Targeted Hair Removal ✓ Suitable for both Facial & Body Hair Learn More
  5. Rio Beauty Skin Revive Light Therapy

    ✓ Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Ageing Treatment ✓ Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles ✓ Naturally Boosts Collagen ✓ Firms & Tones ✓ 633nm Red Light Source Learn More
  6. Rio Beauty 'Fabulous Nails' LED Gel Polish Kit

    ✓ Hard-wearing, Anti-Chip & Smudge Resistant ✓ Lasts up to 2 Weeks! ✓ Salon Quality Treatment in Your Home ✓ Includes: Professional LED Lamp, 'Catwalk Red' Polish, Base & Top Coat & Nail Tools Learn More
  7. Rio Beauty Eye Refresh

    Rio Beauty Eye Refresh

    ✓ Combines Warming Thermotherapy & Cooling Cryotherapy ✓ Relaxes, Refreshes & Rejuvenates - 96% of Women Agree! ✓ Combat Dark Circles & Puffiness ✓ 4 x Treatment Programs ✓ Included: Contour Eye Serum containing Vitamin E & B5 Learn More

Rio Beauty is one of the UK and Europe’s leading beauty and personal care brands who pride themselves on their innovation and quality. The Rio Beauty vision is similar to that of Vitality 4 Life’s range in that their products deliver genuine benefits to the customer, are innovative, exciting and unique, so it was a perfect fit.

Rio Beauty products are distributed all throughout the world as consumers look more towards bringing salon quality treatments to the comfort of their home. No longer do customers want to travel to beauty appointments only to find they are expensive, inconsistent and uncomfortable. Rio Beauty products bring clinic quality treatments home and allow the customer to really benefit from the latest technology without the exuberant on-going costs of salon treatments.

The Rio Beauty range includes laser hair removal products, facial cleansers, facial rejuvenation and facial beauty products.