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  • Pilates Wunda Chair with Handles (Home Fitness Equipment)

Pilates Wunda Chair with Handles


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✓ Includes FREE delivery Australia-wide
✓ Adjustable Full and Split Peddle System
✓ Adjustable Handles
✓ Four Springs with Two Tensions
✓ Solid Wood Frame
✓ High Quality EVA Foam and Non-Slip PU Leather Upholstery
✓ Lifetime Wood Warranty
✓ Backed by a 3 year parts warranty on home use / 12 month commercial parts warranty


Byron Bay Pilates Co. Pilates Wunda Chair with Handles

Multi-functional and adjustable "Wunda" Chair

  • The Byron Bay Pilates Co. Pilates Wunda Chair will allow the user to train both upper and lower body with controlled and targeted exercises. The Pilates Chair is easily adjusted to suit different applications and user needs, with detachable and adjustable handles, an interchangeable peddle system and spring level settings, the Pilates Wunda Chair is perfect for the both the home or studio environment. People who have trained on this unique piece of equipment have wondered how they ever trained without it. It is perfect for smaller spaces where a Reformer is too big, and where pilates matwork does not provide enough variety.

Simple Design, Infinite Exercises

  • The beauty of the Pilates Wunda Chair is that it is so versatile. While it has a simplistic design, it can support a huge range of different movements and types of exercises. From seated positions to standing and muscle targeting to whole body exercises, the Pilates Wunda Chair can provide it all. As with the other foundational Pilates movements, the Pilates Wunda Chair is centred around core stability and strengthening to support the lower through to the back and upper and lower body.
    The Wunda Chair is especially perfect for rehab clients as the user can remain in a stationary position whilst still strengthening and conditioning targeted muscle groups.

Adjustable Peddle System

Both a singular or dual peddle option

  • The Byron Bay Pilates Co. Wunda Chair has a dual peddle construction that can be easily transformed into a whole singular peddle. A central steel screw runs throughout the centre of the two peddles which locks them into one another to form a singular peddle. When this screw is unlocked and removed, it converts to a two peddle system where the peddles move independently of one another.

Adjustable Handles & Springs Levels

  • Adjust the height levels of the handles easily with a simple screw out and lock mechanism. The handles are extremely sturdy and designed to carry full body weight as required and can easily be removed completely if the exercise requires it.
    Each of the 4 springs has 2 height adjustments to increase or decrease the tension between the spring and the peddle. These can be adjusted easily and between the 4 springs and 2 levels, there is a wide variety of tensions and settings available for different fitness levels or exercises.

High Quality, Sturdy Construction

Lifetime Warranty on Wood

  • Byron Bay Pilates Co
  • The Wunda Chair frame and peddles are made from solid Wood, they are guaranteed to be so stable and strong it is backed by a lifetime warranty. The chair is upholstered with EVA padded foam and a non-slip PU leather for a comfortable yet firm surface, ideal for the balance and stability exercises.
    The handles are made from stainless steel and the springs are nickel-plated carbon steel Springs. There is a 3 year parts home warranty and a 12 month commercial parts warranty.
    The Wunda Chair comes virtually assembled as one unit with only the handles, springs and wheels requiring attachment to the base.

Additional Information

Brand Byron Bay Pilates Co
Model Number BBPC005
UPC 9341061006671
Warranty Lifetime Wood & 3 Years Parts | 1 Year Commercial
Product Weight 55 kg
Shipping Weight 60 kg
Product Dimensions L 80cm x W 65cm x H 150cm
Shipping Dimensions L 84cm x W 69cm x H 71cm
Materials German Beech Wood, 4 Nickel-Plated Carbon Steel Springs, Anodized Aluminium Parts, EVA Foam
Extra Features 2 x handles
Optional Extras 120 kg Max User Weight