Oral Care

  1. Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator

    ✓ Cleans between teeth and deep into gum pockets ✓ Removes debris, plaque and other unwanted material ✓ Uses a 'hydro magnetics' technique which inhibits bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface Learn More
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    DentiAll Sonic Toothbrush

    DentiAll Sonic Toothbrush

    Regular Price: $49

    Special Price $29

    ✓ Water proof and uses a dry cell battery ✓ No need for expensive replacement heads – use your favourite brand ✓ Use with any standard toothbrush, or Use the DentiAll Sonic with the toothbrush your dentist recommends ✓ Whiter teeth ✓ Stronger gums ✓ Less plaque and bacteria ✓ Stonger stain removal ✓ Brushing regularly helps prevent gum disease Learn More

Taking care of your oral health is important for oral hygiene and reducing disease being found in the mouth. Oral care encompasses a range of products including oral irrigators, natural toothpastes, natural mouthwash and tooth floss.

Oral care is the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems arising. Using natural oral care products promotes a healthy mouth and teeth, but blends together natural herbs, vitamins and key oils to provide a vegetarian and chemical free oral care solution. 

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