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Oxygen Generator - OXYfarm O2


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  • OXYfarm O2 increases the Oxygen level by 150%

  • Delivered via a headset to ensure maximum nutrient delivery to the brain

  • Fully Portable and easy to install at home or work

  • Great value for money

  • Best features when compared with similar units


Oxygen generator - OXYfarm O2

World’s Most Compact Oxygen Generator

This innovative new design takes in the surrounding air and removes all impurities. It then increases the Oxygen level by 150% which is supplied via a headset to ensure maximum nutrient delivery to the brain.
  • Produces >30% Oxygen
  • Produces Negative Ions
  • Compact Design
  • Automatic Digital Display

Advanced membrane technology produces >30% oxygen!

The OXYfarm O2 is a fully portable Oxygen Generator which can be installed in any home or business to raise the oxygen levels in the living or work environment. Recommended usage is 15 minute spells. Use in the morning for a sluggish metabolic rate, throughout the day to stimulate brain activity and use at night to help improve sleeping patterns. Suitable for a wide range of conditions and health complaints...

  • Students or researchers who need active brains and good concentration
  • People who are suffering from chronic fatigue, enervation, and various stresses
  • People who are experiencing dizziness, who have a headache or failing memory, and who find it difficult to breathe due to indoor air pollution
  • The young and old living in high-rise apartments, who seldom go out or engage in physical exercises.
  • People who experience oxygen shortage after physical exertion
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"We purchased one of these for the home as our son suffers from allergies, the results were very specific to the treatment and solution to the problems we were previously having in relation to this. We would like to thank vitality4life for such a great product and a plethora of information on the product which enabled us to make the right choice the first time around."

Justine, Blake, Hornsby, NSW, Australia

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Additional Information

Brand Vitality4Life
Model Number SA-2500
UPC 9341061002338
Frequency 60 Hz
Colours Available White
Product Weight 10 kg
Shipping Weight 12 kg
Product Dimensions L 36cm x H 36cm x D 15cm
Shipping Dimensions L 42cm x H 44cm X D 19cm
Wattage 60w
Voltage 220v
Certified CE certified
Extra Features 3.0 litre of oxygen per minute, 30% oxygen purity