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The Oscar Juicer brand was first released into the Australian market during the early 2000’s and has since been the most widely recognized and recommended single gear cold press juicer in Australia. As the original single gear cold press juicer brand, the Oscar Juicers are innovative, high quality and built to last.

The Oscar Juicer range is made up of the the Oscar Neo DA1000 and Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200.

The main difference between the two models is that the Oscar Neo was released with a Pulp Ejection Nozzle, allowing the user to control the pressure inside the juicer and thus extract more juice from fruits and vegetables. That being said, both juicers produce a beautifully rich, cold pressed juice and are very simple to use. The Oscar Juicers both have very minimal moving parts which simply lock into one another when juicing. These parts only require a quick rinse under water for cleaning; meaning the cleaning time for an Oscar Juicer is around 30 seconds.

The Oscar Juicers are distributed to all major department stores in Australia including David Jones, Myers and Good Guys and most health food store nationally.

If you already have an Oscar Juicer but need spare parts, you can buy buy Oscar Juicer Parts here.