Oscar 900/1000 Ice & Vegetable Shaver - Black


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✓ Crushes ice quickly and effortlessly
✓ Chops vegetables thinly and precisely so that you can reduce cooking time and retain nutrients
✓ Easily attaches to your Oscar Juicer
✓ Easy to use and clean
✓ Clips in to existing locking clips


Oscar 900/1000 Ice & Vegetable Shaver

  • The Oscar 900/1000 ice and vegetable shaver attachment enables you to crush ice to a high standard. You can also process vegetables which are the ideal thickness for stirfrys - the Oscar will slice the vegetables thinly, to an 'almost full moon' shape. This means that your food can be cooked for a minimal time to assist in retaining more nutrients.
    The Ice Crusher / Multi-Slicer attachment is easy to attach to your Oscar DA 900 or DA 1000 Juicer, so there's no mess and no fuss.The attachment simply clips onto the Oscar's existing locking clip, replacing the original front end with no need to change any locking clips.

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Additional Information

Brand Oscar
Model Number JOIMS
UPC 9341061007180
Colours Available Black / White
Domestic Warranty 1 Year
Product Weight 0.6 kg
Shipping Weight 1 kg
Product Dimensions L 13cm x H 24cm x D 12cm
Shipping Dimensions L 19cm x 13.5cm x D 13cm
Materials BPA FREE Polycarbonate
Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits, Vegetables & Ice
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