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Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator


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✓ Cleans between teeth and deep into gum pockets
✓ Removes debris, plaque and other unwanted material
✓ Uses a 'hydro magnetics' technique which inhibits bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface


Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator by Mirage Dental

Clinically tested and proven to be twice as effective then other oral irrigators!

  • The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator is an innovation in home dental care. This powerful dental water jet uses a combination of pulsating water and HydroMagentics to disrupt plaque in harder to reach places that brushing and fossing simply cannot reach and also to decrease calculus formation which normal oral irrigators cannot do. The international glowing reviews for the HydroFloss are an indication of the machine's ability to help a wide range of dental conditions such as gingivitus, diabeties, those with crowns, implants, orthodocnic appliances or just for general dental maintainence.

Benefits of HydroMagentics in Oral Irrigation

Oral cleaning on a whole new level...

  • The Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator features a patented hydro-magnetic technology, which treats the water magenticially. The ionization process is enhanced which reverses the polarity of the ions at a molecular level. In effect, this reduces surface tension on the teeth which effectively inhbits the ability of bacteria to attach to the tooth surface. This type of oral cleaning is simply not possible with a non-magentitized oral irrigator.
    According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology (May 1993; 20: 314-317) titled 'The effect of oral irrigation with a magnetic treatment device on plaque and calculus', the group using an irrigator with a magnetic device showed a 44% greater reduction in calculus volume (p < 0.0005) and a 42% greater reduction in area (p < 0.0001) over the group using an unmagnetised irrigator. This means that the Hydrofloss Kitty Waterjet is almost TWICE as effective as an unmagnetised irrigator.
    "It's not just water pressure like the leading oral irrigator. The Hydrofloss Kitty Waterjet uses magnetic technology to "pull" plaque, tartar, and bacterial debris off enamel and out from below the gum line. No other instrument can do this!" Journal of Periodontology.

Oral Irrigators & Health

Can a oral irrigator improve my oral health?

  • Oral irrigators are primarily designed to reduce harmful bacterias which can live in the mouth in the way of plaque. This plaque buildup creates a wealth of bacteria which "enters the bloodstream, causing a breakdown of the body’s immune system which in turn affects its ability to fight a whole range of apparently unrelated diseases." says Dr. Jim Harrison, a leading integrative dentist. By eliminating such bacterias, you can greaty reduce the risk and severity of differing peridontal diseases such as gingivitis, inflamed bleeding gums, peridontal pockets and even diabetes.
    An oral irrigator is benefical for those who have crown and bridge work, implants, vaneers or orthodonic appliances.

The HydroFloss - Highest Quality Oral Irrigator

#1 choice for dentistry professionals

  • The Hydrofloss features a large 825ml metered water reservoir which enables you to portion both water and natural cleaning solutions correctly without overflowing or undesirable concentration. This water is fed through to the jet tip in a pulsating stream of 1200 pulses per minute. The jet tip features pause/flow buttton and an adjustable pressure (max 60 psi) so you can adjust depending on the area and comfort preference. The Hydrofloss comes with 4 different colour-coded tip heads for different users and a 1 year warranty.

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Size N/A
Brand Mirage Dental
Model Number P-7007
UPC 9341061000679
Frequency 50 Hz
Colours Available White
Included Accessories 60psi max, 800ml measured reservoir, pack of 4 colour coded jet tips with holder
Warranty 1 Year
Product Weight 0.5kg
Shipping Weight 1kg
Product Dimensions L 20.9cm x H 12.7cm x D 10cm
Shipping Dimensions L 25cm x H 15cm x D 13cm
Voltage 220-240v
Optional Extras Bio-Pro Perioscript Solution for Hydrofloss
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