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  • O2 Plus Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

O2 Plus Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber


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✓ Optimum PSI for MHBOT
✓ Intercom for two-way communications inside & outside the chamber
✓ Automatic air pressure control system
✓ Suitable for Commercial Applications
✓ Includes both Compressor & Oxygen Generator
✓ Features Remote Control for use inside the chamber
✓ Contact for more information


O2 Chamber - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

  • Optimum PSI for MHBOT
  • Suitable for Commercial Applications
  • Includes both Compressor & Oxygen Generator
  • Features Remote Control for use inside the chamber

Approximately 90% of our life energy is created by oxygen - the most vital element on earth. Without it, human life simply could not exist.

Atmospheric oxygen levels in ancient times measured twice as high as that of today - we are being more and more deprived of precious oxygen in the modern environment.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) - Implemented with the O2 Oxygen Chamber

Oxygen is normally supplied by inhalation to our body as it combines with hemoglobin inside of the red corpuscle (Bonded oxygen). HBOT induces hyper-pressure, thereby increasing the concentration of the melted oxygen in liquid (melted oxygen).

  • HBOT accelerates normal healing mechanisms. The increased concentration of oxygen dissolved in plasma reaches tissues with poor or compromised vascular supply (increased diffusion distance). Tissue oxygenation is also improved as the resultant vasoconstriction decreases edema (decreased intercapillary distance).
  • HBOT stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and endothelial cells for at least 3 days post treatment. Oxygen is delivered to the tissues at levels that actually inhibit bacterial growth. Tissue oxygen tension has been shown to be the most important local factor affecting oxidative leucocyte killing.
  • HBOT potentiates the activity of many antibiotics and increases their tissue penetration HBOT decreases the growth and viability of many micro-organisms.
  • HBOT has been widely used in the sports, plastic surgery and health industries.

I have been having oxygen chamber therapy for around 6 months now for my sports injury and the results have been excellent. It was recommended from my rugby coach and the recovery time has increased dramatically. I am very happy with the results from using the product and vitality4life has offered a great amount of information for me so i could make the right choice. " —

Micheal H, Anderson, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia

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Vitality 4 Life offers the O2 Oxygen Chamber + Compressor + Oxygen Generator


Oxygen Chamber
UsageOne patient
Dimensions2200mm x 750mm
Weight02 Plus Chamber: 75kg
Oxygen Generator
Fluid Volume5 Litres/min
Purity90% +-5%
Power Usage230VAC +- 10%, 50Hz, 600VA
Size WeightW5500 x H5000 x D2400mm 30kg
Fluid volume85 Litre / min
SpecificationDual Head Oil < 1/4 hp
Air FilterDual
Power Usage230VAC +- 10%, 50Hz, 1000VA
Size WeightW5300 x H11780 x D4550mm, 110kg
Additional FeaturesCompressor, Oxygen Generator & Remote Control
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Brand Vitality4Life
Model Number O2-PLUS
UPC 9341061002314
Colours Available White
Included Accessories Oxygen Generator Oxygen Compressor