NutriBullet created the perfect storm when it launched into the health industry a few years ago. With the general public becoming more educated about pre-packaged and mass produced 'food', the range of compact and simple NutriBullet products made it easy for the ordinary person to boost their intake of fruits and vegetables.


NutriBullet not only sell products which are affordable and compact for a busy kitchen but set out on a comprehensive TV based education process, explaining the ease of use and benefits of having a 'NutriBlast' daily.


NutriBullet understands that consumers are more likely to continue using a product if they are encouraged and guided along the way. All products come with a comprehensive user manual, recipe guide, diary and nutrition guide. This education kit provides all the foundations to make more healthy choices and quickly increase daily nutrition.


The NutriBullet 600, NutriBullet 900 and Magic Bullet are named after the shape of the blending unit. The key to this fast and efficient action is the Cyclonic Cutting Zone® which circulates ingredients back onto the blades so quickly that most actions are done in around 10 seconds.


The different models come with different accessories for different functions but all make a 'NutriBlast'. The heavy duty plastic parts are made from non-toxic materials, are dishwasher safe and often have accessories which means you can easily take them on the go with you.