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NutriBullet 600 12pc Set

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✓ Original NutriBullet model
✓ Perfect for starting out
✓ Makes a NutriBlast in seconds
✓ Extraction Blade
✓ Milling blade for nuts and grains
✓ Accessories to take your super drink with you on the go
✓ Comprehensive and supportive manual and Pocket Nutritionist


NutriBullet 600 12pc Set

  • NutriBullet 600
  • The original NUTRiBULLET, the 600W 12 piece set, significantly contributed to the rise in Australian's daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Affordable and effective, this model introduced the NutriBlast to the kitchen.
    The compact Nutribullet will quickly and powerfully split open the cell walls of ingredients, such as the skin, seeds and flesh, or more leafy green, vitamin dense leafy greens such as kale, silver beet and parsley. This makes it pleasant to drink this powerful mix of whole fibre juices and smoothies.

  • It's perfect for those wanting to test the waters to see if this type of drink is something they want to make part of their health routine. It comes with three cups; a 500 ml cup with a handle and a 500 ml cup with a handled comfort lip ring for snack sized NutriBlasts, and making dressings and dips. The third cup is a tall 700 ml cup. A resealable lid will prevent spills, further oxidation and germs while the Flip To-Go lid fits on all three cups so you can take it with you.
    Using the Pulse Technique, you can make chunky salsa, Hummus, Guacamole, Baba Ganoush, nut and seed bars and so much more in seconds.
    To guide you on this life boosting addition to your day is a 110 page recipe book full of delicious and potent ingredient combinations and it includes a 6 Week Transformation Plan to support you with ideas and recipes.
    For an overall guide on how easily it is to increase fresh nutrient packed food into your diet, the Pocket Nutritionist guide teaches you how to select fresh produce, what foods are best sourced as organic, what quantities to buy and nutritional information on the foods you choose.
    All parts except the blades and Power Base can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

High Torque Power Base

600 W of super power

  • NutriBullet Power Base
  • At the heart of the NutriBullet 600 is the power base. The cup with the Extraction Blade or the Milling Blade attaches directly to the Power Base and a simple press activates the motor. The Cyclonic Action is created when the Extraction or Milling Blades quickly process the ingredients that are thrown in the ‘bullet’ shaped cups.

Extractor Blades

Stainless steel blades that never need sharpening

  • NutriBullet Blades
  • Unlocking, or extracting the goodness from the skin, thick stems and seeds of produce is the key to super nutrition. The Cyclonic Action makes this extraction fast, complete and produces a NutriBlast that is easy and pleasant to drink.

Milling Blade

Fresh flours, ground coffee and much more...in seconds

  • NutriBullet Blade
  • The NutriBullet 600 also comes with a Milling Blade to make fresh flours from whole ingredients. Make fresh rice flour, wheat flour, turn almonds are other nuts into a creamy butter. The Milling Blade will also grind fresh coffee and is perfect for chopping fresh herbs or nuts.

Tall Cup 700ml

with Handled Comfort Lip Ring

  • NutriBullet Tall Cup
  • The bullet shaped Tall Cup is great for your daily NutriBlast. Made from BPA-Free, durable Tritan material, it is dishwasher safe and non-toxic.

Short Cup 500ml

with Handled Comfort Lip Ring

  • NutriBullet Cup
  • Perfect for single serve NutriBlasts where you can make and drink in the same cup. The handle ring makes it easy for traveling or when you are out on the go. All cups are dishwasher safe and made from non-toxic high impact plastic.

Handled Short Cup

with Comfort Lip Ring

  • NutriBullet Cup
  • Another convenient cup for family or friends to have a NutriBlast or other super nutritious drink. The entire lid with the attached handle can be removed, turning it into a Short Cup.

Two Stay Fresh Resealable Lids

For blending to on-the-go

  • NutriBullet Lid
  • For ultimate freshness, convenience and to save on packaging, these lids screw directly on to either the Tall Cup or the Short Cup. After making fresh flour, grinding your coffee beans for the day or whipping up your NutriBlast, simply screw on the resealable lids and store in the fridge or take it with you.

Care & Instruction Booklet

To get the most out of life

  • NutriBullet Care Instruction Booklet
  • Full of ideas on what you can make with the NutriBullet 600, the Care and Instruction Manual is full of inspiration and guidance on how to begin and sustain rejuvenation.
    Meal plans, recipe ideas, a personal food and well-being diary is also included. You will never be stuck for ideas on how to include more goodness into your life.

Pocket Nutritionist

For all the your knowledge on the run

  • Pocket Nutritionist
  • This is a handy booklet to take with you and teaches:
    - how to choose a full and well-rounded weekly menu
    - which ingredients are best to be purchased as organic
    - how to select the freshest produce
    - what amounts of produce to purchase on a weekly basis
    - the health benefits of different foods

Additional Information

Brands NutriBullet
Model Number NBR-1207M
UPC 856915005247
RPM 20,000
Speed Range Single
Colours Available Grey
Included Accessories High Torque Power Base, Extractor Blade, Milling Blade, Tall Cup (700ml), Short Cup (500ml) with Handled Comfort Lip Ring, Handled Short Cup with Comfort Lip Ring, Two Stay-fresh Resealable Lid, Care & Instruction Booklet, Pocket Nutritionist
Warranty 12 months
Product Weight 3.62 kg
Shipping Weight 7.85 kg
Product Dimensions L 30cm x W 20cm x H 34.5cm
Shipping Dimensions L 37cm x W 32cm x H 42cm
Wattage 600w
Materials BPA Free
Optional Extras Nutribullet Accessory Kit - Extractor Blade, Tall Cup (700ml), Short Cup (500ml), Comfort Lip Ring with Handle, Comfort Lip Ring