Joraform Optional Composter High Stand


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✓ Make composting even easier!
✓ Sturdy and stable stand
✓ Minimise back strain
✓ Fit your wheelbarrow underneath
✓ Stand comes in two sizes
✓ Ideal for use with the Big Pig or the Little Pig


Joraform Composter Optional High Stand – Suits Big or Little Pig

Joraform Composter Optional High Stand

  • For ease of use and for those with back problems, the composter optional high stand makes the composter high enough to fit your wheelbarrow underneath. For those who cannot mount their composter to a wall, this is a handy alternative.
    Sturdy and stable, the composter optional stand is easy to attach to your composter - just attach it in place of the stand supplied with your composter as per your assembly instructions.
    This high stand is suitable for either the Big Pig or the Little Pig Jorafom Rotational composters.
    The composter optional stand is made of sturdy non-rust steel and will last for many years to come.

Additional Information

Brand Joraform
Model Number JCHS
UPC 9341061007197
Colours Available Stainless Steel
Product Weight 3 kg
Shipping Weight 4 kg
Product Dimensions L 98 x H 20 x D 20
Optional Extras Little Pig Rotational Composter, Big Pig Rotational Composter, Optional Wall Mount.