Grain Master Whisper Mill

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Product Description

Grain Master Whisper Mill

The Grain Master Whisper Mill is the most advanced way to mill grains

For centuries wheat was milled into flour with large milling stones which crushed the seed grain into whole wheat flour. There were no supermarkets for selling flour, and so people made their flour as and when they needed it, ensuring minimal time difference between making flour and eating the results.

With all the advantages of the old slow-turning stone mills, The GrainMaster Whisper Mill produces whole wheat quickly and conveniently based on these old methods.  This machine adjusts to produce flour ranging from coarse to pastry-fine.

The unit comes with a 12 cup capacity flour canister for storing your freshly ground flour. Place the separator lid on the mill hopper for storage, and snap into place. The separator lid needs only minimal cleaning, and is dishwasher safe. Everything stores cleanly and neatly together. With the storage lid on, you have a convenient countertop container.

Features of the Grain Master grain mill

- Mills all hard and soft grains and legumes instantly.
- At its core is a patented, surgical quality stainless steel milling chamber.
- Won't overheat - No nutritional loss, gumming, jamming or glazing.
- Twelve cup capacity flour storage canister - Largest on the market.

Benefits of making your own flour

By making your own flour with a GrainMaster, your body absorbs all the goodness that nature packed into her wonderful seed grains. You get to enjoy the delicate oils and vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are so important to your health, but so easily lost or damaged in the commercial milling process.

The seed of wheat is made up of many parts consisting of three basic categories:

- The bran, made up of many layers of vitamins, minerals, and rich proteins, forms the tough outer covering. This part of the wheat also provides valuable roughage which acts like a sponge to absorb and remove unwanted poisons and toxins from our digestive sytem.
- The germ is the life-giving part of the seed. It's packed with vitamins B and E, but once milled, must be consumed within 72 hours or stored in the fridge.
- The endosperm (or the white centre) is mostly starch with very few vitamins. This is the part of the wheat that most of today's store bought milled flour is made from.

Not only will you enjoy the health benefits, but your own flour will cost you a fraction of the price of bought flour.


Is Serial No. Available N/A
Model Number Wondermill 2000
UPC 9341061000174
Motor 3/4 HP
Colours Available White
Included Accessories Large capacity 12 cup flour canister
Warranty Lifetime
Product Weight 3.8kg
Shipping Weight 5kg
Product Dimensions L 22cm x H 40cm x D 33cm
Shipping Dimensions L 48cm x H 25cm x D 36cm
Wattage 1.75 horsepower at peak
Voltage 240v
Certified CE certifed
Materials Surgical stainless steel Microburst® milling chamber
Extra Features Large capacity 12 cup flour canister, Separator lid requires minimal cleaning and is dishwasher safe
Compatible Foods Hard & Soft Grains & Legumes

Freshly milled v store bought flour

  • Flour produced in the home with the GrainMaster is soft and smooth with a slight oiliness which comes from the wheat germ. This type of whole flour retains the nutrients lost in commercial milling practices when the germ and bran (or kernel) are removed. For many years the health and flavour benefits of freshly milled flour has been lost to the western world in the name of convenience. But now with the GrainMaster, you can have it all in minutes. Simply pour in whole grain wheat (or any other cereal or lentil you wish to mill) turn on the switch, and the whole grain flour is made almost instantly. Store bought flour Today, milled white flour may sit in warehouses and on shop shelves for months on end. Modern millers have had to remove all trace of the bran and the germ, losing at least 22 ...

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