Hanging Baskets

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    Venetian Easy Fill Wall Basket - Set of 3

    Venetian Easy Fill Wall Basket - Set of 3

    Regular Price: $49

    Special Price $39

    ✓ Grate design that allows plants to breathe & flourish ✓ No moss or liner required – easy & environmentally friendly ✓ Quick & easy - side planted basket in minutes ✓ 5 removable pockets, take max. 11cm pots ✓ Easy to attach to any solid vertical surface ✓ Life expectancy – up to 10 years! Learn More
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    Venetian Pedestal Hanging Basket Stand

    Venetian Hanging Basket Optional Stand

    Regular Price: $59

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    ✓ Suitable for the Venetian Hanging Baskets ✓ Quick & easy to assemble; simply slots into place ✓ Wide, stable base with holes for drainage; great for securing ✓ Environmentally friendly, durable recycled plastic ✓ Adjustable heights: 53cm & 85cm ✓ Stand base measures: w 50 cm Learn More
  3. Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Basket - Set of 5

    ✓ Unique grates keep wind out and moisture in ✓ Clip in design means no tearing, breaking or damaging of the plant ✓ Extremely durable and long lasting - a life expectancy of 10 years ✓ No liner required - no rotting, mess, moss or root disturbance ✓ Plant up to 18 plants at any one time Learn More

Hanging & Wall Baskets

Hanging Basket

Create hanging "edible gardens" with hanging baskets. By experimenting with different herb and plant combinatons you can create a virtually self-sufficient hanging herb garden ready to eat and enjoy straight after planting. Vitality 4 Life's range of carefully selected hanging baskets and wall gardens are designed to be the easiest to grow and maintain hanging baskets on the market.

Create successful hanging baskets with the Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets and Wall Baskets, with their internal water resovoir, clip in grates and "easy fill" design, you can't go wrong! With the Easy Fill Baskets there is no need for messy coconut fibres, moss or burlap. The integrated grate system allows you the plants to have the perfect amount of air, sunlight and oxygen without over-exposing them to the elements. No more root-rot, algae or messy planting.

If you want to see more about why the Venetian Hanging Baskets are best, you can see our article 'Compare Hanging Baskets'.

Hanging Basket

The beauty of hanging herb gardens is that you can enjoy fresh herbs all year round without the exhurberant costs from the supermarket and only use what you need rather than throwing the a large portion in the bin. You will save money by growing your own and the flavours are intensified and authentic when you grow and pick your own fresh herbs.

Hanging baskets make the perfect hanging garden for those with limited space, such as an apartment or townhouse, by allowing you to still enjoy fresh flowers, herbs, tomatoes and more, just as if you had a vast vegetable garden! You can hang your hanging basket from your kitchen window, and simply pick herbs as you cook.

Our range of hanging baskets allow you to successfully and easily plant up to 18 different plants in each basket, so each basket can be completley unique and vaired.