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    Studio Pilates Reformer
    Dispatch approx 25th October
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    Pilates Wunda Chair with Handles
    Dispatch approx 25th October
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    Foldable Pro Pilates Reformer
    Avail for dispatch approx end of November
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    Pilates Ladder Barrel
    Dispatch approx 25th October
  5. Rating:
    Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze
    Dispatch approx 25th October
  6. Rating:
    Pilates Long Box
    Dispatch approx 25th October
  7. Rating:
    Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze
    Dispatch approx 25th October
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Fitness equipment has come a long way from a rowing machine or set of weights. Our range of vibration machines, pilates equipment and yoga props have been selected for the Vitality 4 Life range as they are the latest in technological advancement, and are superior in production quality so you can feel physically safe when using them to extend your pilates or yoga practice.


Vibration machines produce an oscillation or vibration through the platform which, when standing, siting or lying on elicits a compensatory response in our muscles. This low impact but highly effective form of exercise aids in producing regenerative hormones within your body, strengthens bone tissue, improves blood circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and increases basal metabolic rate. The units range from compact vibration discs to more sophisticated machines complete with body mass index measuring, preset programs and high hertz operation.


The Pilates Equipment and Yoga Props are for the home gym or professional studio. They offer support for those people new to the postures, or assistance for more advanced students to further their practice. The yoga equipment we offer is made by the best brands and its quality ensures that it will be durable and long lasting.


Take a look at our range of home exercise equipment and choose the gym equipment, Pilates accessories, vibration machines and yoga props that fit best with your workout routine – so that you can stay fit and active.

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