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Rio Beauty Deep Pore Cleanser


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✓ Faradic Technology to Rejuvenate the Facial Muscles
✓ Galvanic Technology to Absorb Products Deep into the Skin
✓ Four Treatments - Cleanse, Prep, Moisturise and Refresh
✓ Includes Gentle Facial Cleanser & Cotton Pads
✓ 2 Year Warranty


Rio Beauty Deep Pore Facial Cleanser Tool CESO2

Four treatments in one machine!

  • The Rio Beauty Deep Pore Cleanser is a complete skincare regime in one easy to use machine. The Deep Pore Cleanser not only cleans the skin but also moisturises and refreshes the skin for the ultimate cleansing experience, just like you would experience at the salon. The Rio Beauty Deep Pore Cleanser uses two types of advanced technology, the same that is used by beauty salons and clinics, but with the Deep Pore Cleanser you can experience this all in the comfort of your home.

Two Types of Advanced Current Technology

Faradic Micro-Current Technology

  • Faradic technology is a high intensity form of micro-current stimulation. It is used to stimulate and activate the muscles by sending micro pulses, triggering a muscle contraction. This works in a similar but more targeted way to what exercise does on a larger scale for the muscles. The Deep Pore Cleanser uses this to tighten and tone the facial muscles and rejuvenate the skin.

Galvanic Technology

  • Galvanic technology has been used by beauty salons and clinics for many years to allow products to penetrate deeper into the skin. The Deep Pore Cleanser gives a steady and direct flow of galvanic currents which penetrate water soluble substances into the body and face. This allows your skin to absorb and benefit from the products you are putting on your skin rather than just sitting on top.
    There are many benefits of galvanic technology which range from increased blood flow, removing sebaceous blockages and congestion, tightening and firming the tissue and solving skin problems including dryness, sensitivity and oiliness.
    Galvanic technology is widely known in the beauty industry to be the best option for those looking to rejuvenate and revitalize their skin.

Four Treatment Stages - For a Complete Facial Experience

Tailor the treatment to your needs - use all programs or just one depending on skin & use

  • Deep Cleanse: The deep cleansing stage uses a process known as Desincrustation which softens the sebum and draws out impurities, removing deeply imbedded dirt and bacteria. Dirt and grime are purged from the skin. This is evident in the appearance of the facial cotton pad after the cleanse treatment. Galvanic technology is used during this stage to ensure the cleansers are working deep into the skin for maximum cleansing. Included is the Rio Gentle Facial Cleansing Gel which is enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera, however your preferred facial cleanser can be used here.
    Preparation: The skin is the prepped for optimum moisturising. By using Faradic technology at this stage, the skin is plumped and stimulated ready for the deep moisturising stage which follows.
    Moisturise: Galvanic technology is again used in the moisturising stage to enhance the hydration of the skin by penetrating the product deeper into the skin. This technology infuses the active ingredients into the skin and allows them to work their magic! Your preferred facial moisturiser can be used here.
    Refresh: The final stage using Faradic technology uses the micro currents to invigorate and refresh the skin. This leaves you with that same salon-fresh feeling with skin feeling plumped, tight and revitalised.

Additional Information

Size N/A
Brand Rio Beauty
Model Number CESO2
UPC 9341061006428
Colours Available White
Included Accessories 2 x AAA Batteries, Deep Pore Cleanser Unit, Cleanser Gel 50ml, Pack of 40 Cotton Pads, Stand
Domestic Warranty 2 Years
Product Weight 0.07 kg
Shipping Weight 0.6 kg
Product Dimensions L 5cm x W 3.5cm x H15cm
Shipping Dimensions L 25cm x W 20cm x H 14cm
Voltage 3v
Certified CE Certified
Extra Features 4 x Five minute treatment programs, Automatically switches off if not used for 30 seconds