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Byron Bay Pilates Co

Byron Bay Pilates Co is a range of Pilates equipment designed in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia. Byron Bay Pilates Co was designed adhering to the core principles of the Pilates exercise method which was pioneered by Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates referred to his method of exercising as “contrology” which succinctly outlines the core values of Pilates – controlled movements with an emphasis on correct technique. Pilates will improve flexibility, strengthen and create lean muscles, improve coordination and balance and help to correct postural problems.

Byron Bay Pilates Co. equipment incorporates both the traditional Pilates functionality while also integrating the very latest in Pilates technique requirements. The vision for Byron Bay Pilates Co was to develop a range of affordable Pilates equipment of the highest possible quality to make it accessible for everyone to benefit from. All products in the Byron Bay Pilates Co range are designed for both domestic and commercial use, with customers choosing to fit out entire Pilates Studios with Byron Bay Pilates Co equipment.  

The signature Byron Bay Pilates Co. piece of Pilates equipment is the Reformer. The Pilates Reformer is made from the highest quality materials and also has a lifetime warranty on the wood.

You can purchase spare parts for Byron Bay Pilates Co. equipment here