Compare Water Distiller Australia

Compare Water Distiller Australia

Compare Water Distillers in Australia with our handy Water Distiller Comparison tables. Below we outline the features and benefits of each distiller, making it easier for you to make the right choice.

Compare Waterlovers, Springflow & Waterwise Distillers
Water Distiller Design: Enclosed or Standalone
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Compare Waterlovers, Springflow & Waterwise Distillers

Waterlovers Water Distiller
WaterloversSpringflowWaterwise 4000Waterwise 9000
Price$529$399 / $365Only available in USAOnly available in USA
Dimensions35cm Height
25cm Depth
35cm Width
36cm Height
23cm Depth
40cm Width (incl. jug)
38cm Height
23cm Diameter
38cm Height
41cm Depth
24cm Width
Distillate Capacity2.8L in 3 hrs / 22.4L in 24 hrs4L in 5.5 hrs / 18.75L in 24 hrs3.78L in 4hrs
22.7L in 24 hrs
3.78L in 4.8 hrs 18.9L in 24 hrs
Features- Water never touches plastic
- Stainless steel boiling chamber
- Heavy duty Borosilicate Glass Jug with Stainless Steel lid & silicon cap
- Protective Anti-Boil Dry Digital Sensor
- Condensor Overheat Protection
- Energy saving rapid boil technology + smart adjustment of heating power
- Fan and Vent protection
- Stainless steel boiling chamber
- Stainless steel underlid
- Stainless steel cooling coil
- Automatic shutoff at end of cycle
- Stainless steel boiling chamber
- Optional glass jug available
- Energy saving fan-delayed start (20 mins)
- Plastic boiling chamber
- Plastic collector jug with push-button spigot
Net Weight5.6kg5.5kg3.8kg4.5kg
Wattage500-750W /
Rapid Boil 1500W
Runs at approx. 500-
550w for the 3 hours)
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
- 2.8L glass jug
- 6 carbon filters
- 300g tub of
distiller cleaner
- 4L plastic or glass collection
- jug with filter
- 6 carbon filters
- distiller cleaner
- 4L plastic
- 4L plastic
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Water Distiller Design: Enclosed or Standalone

Older style water distillers have the boiling chamber and collection jug separated, this can be a hazard if the collection container is accidentally moved or misaligned from the ‘spout’ resulting in spillage. The Waterlovers Water Distiller highlights the best of modern design techniques. Unlike the older style distillers, the Waterlovers shows off clean lines and an enclosed space-saving form factor. The contemporary colour palette of the Waterlovers unit makes it an attractive kitchen friendly appliance.



Borosilicate Jug vs Plastic Jug for your Water Distiller

The Waterlovers Water Distiller comes with a Heavy-Duty Borosilicate Glass Jug. Known for its extreme durability, Borosilicate has long been considered the toughest glass in the world. Scratch, impact and stain-resistant, the included jug will be at your humble service for many years.

Standard glass jugs are known to scratch and shatter over time, so although it is more expensive to produce Borosilicate jugs, the team at Waterlovers decided to use the finest materials to ensure the product maintains its quality for the entirety of its life.
Many of the cheaper models come with BPA-Free plastic collection containers, whilst they are safe to drink from they are not particularly pleasant. Plastic containers are often enclosed which makes them extremely difficult to give them a proper clean; there is also no comparison between the feel of a solid glass jug and a flimsy plastic container



Energy Efficiency for Distilling Water

One of the criticisms of producing distilled water is the question of energy efficiency. Conventional distillers slowly bring the water to a boil at its maximum power output the entire time.
An advantage of the Waterlovers is that it uses its own patented ‘smart rapid boil’ technology which allows it to distill faster and more efficiently than its older counterparts. The built-in sensors of the Waterlovers detects room temperature and conservatively adjusts power output to save energy.

The great thing about the Waterlovers is that its energy efficiency doesn’t affect distillation time, in fact it can distil faster than its older counterparts. In a 3-hour period the Waterlovers can produces 2.8L of pure drinking water, compare this to the Springflow which can produce just over 2L.


Boil-Dry Protection

The Waterlovers advanced Smart technology prevents burning and over calcification of the reservoir bottom by shutting down before dry-point and leaving approximately 5-10ml of water, this helps to prolong the life of the reservoir and reduces cleaning frequency and time. The remaining water may appear dirty, this occurs because the distillation process has extracted all of the contaminants from the water leaving behind.


No Contact With Plastic During Distillation Process

Another important thing to consider is whether the water encounters any plastics during the distillation process, any contact with plastic is undesirable as there is a higher chance of unsafe chemicals leaching into the water. On the other hand, Stainless-Steel has long been considered one of the safest materials to be used. The Waterlovers was designed with this in mind, and as a result its distillation process avoids plastic contact altogether.



Availability of Parts For Your Distiller

Sometimes issues arise and you need replacement parts or some help in a timely manner, when you purchase products from overseas it can often be more difficult than it should be.
Due to the fact that Vitality 4 Life is the official distributor of Waterlovers in Australia we have a direct partnership with the manufacturer. As a result, we have an extensive range of spare parts and a local service team ready to help should you have any issues.

Still not sure which distiller is right for you? Take a look at the Q&A section below to help make your buying decision a little easier, and if you’ve still got questions, you can always give us a call on 1800 802 924 or email us at or use our online-chat facilities.

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