Compare Vibration Machines

Compare Vibration Machines

Looking to compare vibration machines or not sure which machine will be right for you? Our Vibration Machine Review compares the leading brands of Vibration Machines in Australia and gives you the complete guide to buying the right machine for your needs.

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Vibration Machine Comparison Table
Technical Specs: Explained
Which Vibration Machine is Right for You?
Top 4 Things to Consider When Buying a Vibration Machine

VibroSlim Body

Machines we compare in this article: VibroDisc, VibroSlim Body, VibroSlim Ultra, VibroSlim Radial 3D, CardioTech Lifeback 2 and the Hypervibe G10 Mini.

Vibration Machine Comparison Table

Vibroslim-Body-BlackVibroslim-Ultra-Vibration-Machine-White-Front1600x1600Vibroslim-Radial-3D-1600x1600-Redlifeback-03Hypervibe G10 Mini
VibroSlim BodyVibroSlim UltraVibroSlim Radial 3DCardioTech Lifeback 2Hypervibe G10 Mini
Size77cm x 45cm73cm x 39.5cm80.5cm x 46cm77cm x 44cm65cm x 39.5cm
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years5 Years Motor /
3 Years on Parts / 2 Years on Labour
2 Years On-Site
ColoursWhite / BlackWhite / Black / RedWhite / Black / RedWhite / RedWhite / Green
Speed Range1-201-201-201-205-20
Platform TypeOscilatingOscilatingOscilating + Lineal + Tri-Planar (3D)OscilatingOscilating
Control PanelDigital Display and Press Button ControlsDigital Display and Press Button ControlsDigital Display and Press Button ControlsDigital Display and Press Button ControlsDigital Display and Press Button Controls + Bluetooth Connectivity via app with 38 Exercise Programs & 100+ Exercise videos
Preset Programs33333 + App
Frequency5-10Hz5-12Hz5-10HzNot Specified5-20Hz
Max Power200W200W200W+200W(dual motor)200W250W
Maximum User Weight125kg125kg125kg130kg140kg
Product Weight13.2kg12.5kg22kg19.9kg24.4kg
Included with PurchaseRemote Control, 20 Minute Workout DVD, Resistance Straps & Wall ChartRemote Control, 20 Minute Workout DVD, Resistance Straps & Wall ChartRemote Control, 20 Minute Workout DVD, Resistance Straps & Wall ChartRemote Control & Resistance Straps30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Returns (exclusive of return freight)
Guarantees30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Returns30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Returns30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free ReturnsNone30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Returns (exclusive of return freight)
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Technical Specs: Explained


Number of times the platform moves from side to side (oscillating) or up and down (lineal) per second. Higher frequencies generate a faster movement and therefore the number of times that your muscles contract and relax each second to stabilise, however the way that muscles respond to vibration is complicated and the frequencies that are best for you will depend on your body type, your level of fitness and your desired outcomes.

Type of Vibration Platform

Lineal: Where the plate moves up and down. Lineal is like jumping up and down or doing push ups in one spot.

Oscillating/Pivotal: Where the platform moves side to side like a see-saw. Pivotal is like jumping side-to-side from one foot to the other.

Tri-planar (3D): The tri-planar motion is a combination of lineal and pivotal motions, almost in a circular or '3D' shape. This combination of movements adds benefits of both types to produce exceptional results for users, and as this type combines two motors users can independently pick from which mode they would like to use.


The number of times the platform moves from side to side (oscillating) or up and down (lineal) per second. Higher frequencies generate a faster movement and therefore the number of times that your muscles contract and relax each second to stabilise, however the way that muscles respond to vibration is complicated and the frequencies that are best for you will depend on your body type, your level of fitness and your desired outcomes.


The measurement of how high the platform moves above its original horizontal position. A higher amplitude level delivers more intense workouts as the larger the amplitude the greater the muscle contraction response in order to remain stable because of the height you go. Obviously the higher the amplitude the harder it is for you to balance, so there is a point at which a high amplitude is just simply ineffective. If you are elderly, do not have good balance or not physically fit we would recommend an amplitude on the lower side of the spectrum otherwise you will find it hard to stay stable.

It is also important to note that your position on the vibration machine affects how you will feel the vibration. A pivotal vibration machine works like a see-saw so if your feet are positioned at the sides of the plates the workout will be more intense, if your feet are positioned closer together it will be less intense, simply because the plates will lift higher at the sides.


Vibration Machines all come with different speed settings ranging from 10 up to about 100. An important point to note is that the overall intensity/power of the machine isn't reflected in the amount of speed settings. When the maximum frequency is the same, the increments in between simply get smaller and smaller. For some users this can become confusing, and somewhat frivolous as there is a such a small difference from setting to setting and to really feel the difference you have to go up multiple speeds at a time anyways.


Vibration machines cause the body to lift and then fall (as gravity pulls the body back down) repeatedly which means the muscles are contracting and relaxing in order to keep stable. G-force is the "measurement of force applied through gravity and acceleration", so is simply a way of measuring the pressure or stress that is put on the muscles which they then have to fight against in reaction to gravity. Gravity is vitally important for the health of your muscles, bone density, cardiovascular system, as reducing the amount of gravity on your body leads to degeneration of these as demonstrated through years of research with astronauts and gravity in space.

For your reference our VibroSlim Ultra Vibration Machine has a G-force of 3.5G, which is more than ample for most types of exercise goals.

Motor Power / Wattage

Wattage specially refers to the is the power of the motor. Motor power is an interesting point in relation to vibration machines, and the size (wattage) of the motor used depends on a number of things. Most importantly, the size, shape and style of machine will determine what type of motor is used. A thin vibration machine/platform, like the ones compared in this table require a motor with a wattage of 200-250, any higher than this and you will find the machine will jump and move continuously as the power of the motor is too great for the size of the machine. The end goal with a vibration machine is not for it to move and shake but to vibrate, and that is one of the big differences between cheaper machines sold by fly-by-night importers and machines which are designed and developed by companies who are experts in vibration technology. Bigger, more commercial styles of machines may have a higher wattage of 800-1000w but smaller machines do not require such power and would be counter productive. Also keep in mind that a higher wattage may be over compensating for a lower quality motor, to try and create the "feeling" of vibration where as in reality this is just shaking and moving.

Which Vibration Machine is Right for You?

Beginner / Unconditioned

If you haven't exercised in a while and want to get your body moving again then a vibration machine is perfect for you. They can really stimulate the muscles, increase blood circulation and decrease fluidity through contraction and relaxation of the muscles. As a result lots of customers experience weight loss and all over body toning as their muscles are sprung into action!

If this is you, you should be looking for a vibration machine that is rated between 8-15Hz and with an amplitude range of between 10-15mm. This should most definitely be enough for you to feel the effects, without creating too much instability on the plate. This will also allow you to complete a range of different exercises and postures, increasing intensity as you become stronger.

20 speeds is more than sufficient - best not to complicate something that shouldn't be complicated! Pre-set programmes are handy and/or look for machines that come with exercise guides, DVDs or anything that is going help you feel inspired and walk you through which exercises to do.

VibroSlim Body

Elderly / Injury Rehabilitation

Again, if you are looking to get your body moving without the high impact on the body and joints as with traditional exercise a vibration machine is ideal. The same frequency, settings and inclusions are recommended as per above. The only other points to consider if suffering from an injury and if you are elderly is if you are going to require handles and the size of the plate/platform. Some machines come as a stable/stationary unit with handles on either side for support, this is perfect for those who can stand solid on a plate without additional support. You also want a flat and wide plate so you have plenty of room to position yourself and remain balanced.

Fitness Enthusiast / Athlete

If you are physically fit and active and want to add a new dimension to your workout or quickly increase muscle mass then a vibration machine rated up to 50-60Hz is probably more within your spectrum, especially for those at a more elite level. Even at a lower frequency of around 10-15Hz you can still expect to feel some effects, especially when in conjunction with dynamic exercises and additional weight loading. Lower frequencies can also be better for better stability, allowing you to mix up the postures/positions more. Preset programmes and workout guides are probably not something that you need to look for, however additional fitness accessories can help you to get more out of the workout, if you don't have them already (exercise mat, weights etc).


Top 4 Things to Consider When Buying a Vibration Machine

1. Reviews

Reading online reviews is a great way to understand how other customers have found the product and compare different machines. If you find it hard to find reviews, take caution before handing over your money. We recommend visiting Australia's #1 Reviews site for consumer vibration machine reviews. Vitality 4 Life is proud to offer the Vibroslim Vibration Machines range, which offer the best consumer reviews in Australia.

2. Warranty & Product Guarantee

A substantial warranty is the biggest indicator that the supplier is confident in the machine’s quality and performance. Vitality 4 Life offers a 3 year warranty on all of our VibroSlim vibration machines.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee including free returns, so have peace of mind that you can trial the Vibroslim and see how it works for you. Please check our comparison table to see whether our competitors are offering a money back guarantee.

3. Product Support

Do you trust the company you are buying from? Are you buying from an expert in the field? If you are unsure about these two things, generally you are right! Buy from a company who is knowledgeable about the products, is Australian owned and operated and who offers clear customer support options. These are the companies that are going to support you in the long term and ensure you use and love your machine!

4. Pricing

Obviously price is a huge buying factor. With vibration machines ranging from $200 to over $15,000, it can be hard to know - how much should you expect to pay for a vibration machine? Firstly, we think it is imperative to not be fooled by inflated pricing and "scammy" inclusions.

When you buy a vibration machine, attachable arm straps and a remote control are fairly standard things you should expect to receive. Additional things like exercise guides, workout DVDs, exercise mats, workout apps or additional fitness products help you to use your product better so can be a great bonus.

Don't be fooled by highly inflated prices with huge discounts or sales. Look for fair pricing and thoughtful bonuses or deals.

There is a number of factors that contribute to the price of the product so really its best to acknowledge what warranty you are after, the quality/specs of the machine, what support you expect and what accessories you need and then compare the similar models. A higher price doesn't always indicate better quality or specs, so check these first.

VibroSlim Radial 3D Vibration Machine

✓ Latest in technology - 3 vibration modes in 1 machine ✓ Choose from lineal, pivotal, and tri-planar movements ✓ 2 built-in motors ✓ LED display and control panel ✓ Resistance Straps, DVD, Wall Chart & Remote Control included ✓ 3 built-in pre-set Programs ✓ 3 year warranty ✓ 20 Speed Settings ✓ Available in Black, White, and Red ✓ Bluetooth Connectivity with Speakers ✓ In-built calorie counter so you can track your results ✓ $30 discount for limited time only! Use code: SLIM30 to redeem

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Vibroslim vs VibroDisc
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Vibration machines can help to build muscles and tone the body by encouraging certain muscles to contract and relax multiple times. Machines such as these offer a unique way for you to get in shape and one of the huge benefits of using a vibration platform is that it can be used anywhere.

Here at Vitality 4 Life, we’ve compared a range of different vibration platforms so that our customers can find the best vibration platform that ticks all of their boxes.

So whether you’re a beginner, a fitness fanatic, or someone who likes to exercise a few times a week, our vibration machine comparison table can help you to find the best option for you.

Get real vibration platform reviews

The VibroSlim Body Vibration Machine comes with 20-speed settings, resistance straps, 3 built-in programmes, and a DVD that you can follow for the best tips and advice. Available in black and white, this model has been voted the best value vibration machine and it comes with an impressive 3-year warranty.

You may also want to consider purchasing the VibroSlim Radial 3D Vibration Machine that has an LED control and display panel, 20-speed settings, 2 built-in motors, and 3 movement options: tri-planar, lineal, and pivotal, giving you the chance to personalise your workout.

And, if you need more information, our ‘compare vibration platform chart’ uncovers the best vibration machines on the market so you know exactly how well each of the models performs, and the features they offer.

Let us help you get fit, and stay fit

Here at Vitality 4 Life, we can help you to get fit, and stay fit. Our range of vibration machines is made to the highest standard possible, and they offer you a real opportunity to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to learn more about our vibration machines, please take some time to review our chart and check out our blog. By doing so, you’ll find out more about the technical specifications of each machine, and the reasons why one machine may be the best vibration platform for you if you’re a beginner, and so much more.

Choose Vitality 4 Life and you won’t be disappointed!

As a company that’s dedicated to manufacturing and sourcing the best health-promoting products, you won’t be disappointed with our products or the level of customer care that you’ll receive from our team.

For more information on our range of vibration machines, be sure to reach out to us today as we’d be happy to help you.

Vitality 4 Life supply a variety of holistic health & wellbeing products including the best blenders, slow juicers, food dehydrators & more. We also supply fitness equipment such as vibration exercise machines & vibration platforms.

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