Practical use of distilled water

Practical use of distilled water

Consumption of Distilled Water

Drinking – Distilled water is great tasting and healthy for you, the more you limit your chemical intake the faster your body will heal itself.

Baby Formula – Doctors highly recommend using purified water to make up baby formula, distilled water is most ideal for this.

Mixing Drinks – Using distilled water enhances the flavours of your tea, coffee or fresh juices.
Making Ice – Tap water produces cloudy ice cubes, with distilled your ice cubes are clean and crystal clear.

Brewing – Great for your home made brews and elixirs.

Cooking – Bring out the natural flavours from foods by using distilled water, especially in soups and broths. It is also excellent for fermenting veggies and cooking noodles and pasta.

Household Use of Distilled Water

Cleaning – Mix your cleaning solutions with distilled water for better results and prevent unwanted residue.
Steam Irons – Distilled water prevents scale build up normally seen when tap water is used, this affects the appliances life.
Humidifiers – Tap water contains minerals that promote bacteria growth which can cause illness if inhaled, distilled water ensures healthy uncontaminated mist is released into the air.
Evaporative Coolers – Mineral deposits from tap water can build up inside your cooler over time, using distilled water will prevent this.
Houseplants – Enjoy longer blooms and healthier foliage when watering your plants with distilled water, just as nature intended.

Medical Use of Distilled Water

Dental – Used to prevent bacteria and biofilm growth on equipment and operation of autoclaves which are sensitive to damage from impure water.
Clinical – Distilled water is used to clean medical equipment during surgery and to maintain a bacteria free environment
Homeopathic – When making homeopathic medicines, distilled water is used to ensure no other elements can alter the effect of the treatment.
Traditional Medicines – Distilled water is used when making traditional medicines where sensitivity to chemicals can create imbalance in treatment.
Detoxification – Many people support the use of distilled water during a detox cleanse or fasting period, distilled water aids in eliminating toxins and heavy metals.

Other applications of Distilled Water

Skin Care – Those sensitive to allergies would benefit from using distilled water for their cleansing without impurities clogging up their pores.
Mechanical – Extend the life of any equipment that requires a water source, minerals found in tap water can be corrosive in many industrial applications.
Computer cooling systems – Distilled water’s low conductivity leads to reduce risk of electrical damage and your system stays clean and bacteria free.
Scientific – Science laboratories only use distilled water when the purest and cleanest water source is required
Feeding Pets – your pets will also enjoy the taste of pure water.

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