[Draft] Compare Sirena and Rainbow

SirenaRainbow E2 Black Model
Prices (RRP)$1495$4000-4800
Included Accessories
Pistol Grip Trigger Hose Handle with airflow control vent??
Power Nozzle??
Floor & Wall Brush??
Crevice Device??
Dusting Brush??
Upholstery Brush??
Curved Wand??
Confined Space Cleaner & Inflator Tool??
Refrigerator Coil Cleaner??
Cushion Bag??
Attachment Caddy??
WandsTwo Extension Wands (one electric)
Total Reach: 78cm (one wand = 48cm)
One Wand (two pieces)
Total Reach: 75cm (half wand = 43cm)
HosesTwo Hoses (Electric & Wet Pickup)
195cm Highest Grade Available
One Hose (Electric & Wet Pickup)
FiltrationWater & HepaWater & Hepa
Warranty10 Year Motor Warranty
3 Year Parts/1 Year Labour
8 Year Motor Warranty
4 Years Parts
MotorItalian Motor
1,500+ Test Hours
2 Speed Brushless Dual Motor
Speeds2 Speeds: High - Low2 Speeds: High - Low
Wattage1200w High Speed / 60w Low Speed1,150w High Speed / 50w Low Speed
Rated Horse Power1.609 (High Speed) / .080 (Low Speed)1.542 (High Speed) / .067 (Low Speed)
Rated Horse Power1.609 (High Speed) / .080 (Low Speed)1.542 (High Speed) / .067 (Low Speed)
RPM19,527 (24,350 free spin)23,000 (High Speed) / 3,000 (Low Speed)
Water Reservoir3.5L1.89L
Blower FunctionYesYes
DimensionsMain Unit 28cm x 28cm x 43cmMain Unit 39cm x 30cm x 40cm
Net Weight13.23 kg (Main Unit, Power Nozzle, and all attachments)14.5 kg (Main Unit, Power Nozzle,and all attachments)
Shipping Weight18.34kg15.87kg
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Emma Penfold