FAQ's for Lexen Juicer and Growing Kit

FAQ's for Lexen Juicer and Growing Kit

Why purchase from us, why don't I just go and buy all the items I need?

You are able to purchase the components seperately but you'll probably need to go to at least 3 different shops. We wanted to make it easy for you to have the entire kit delivered to your door so you can get started.

What is the real value of the wheatgrass growing kit?

This kit will be able to provide approximately 128 wheatgrass shots. Typically a shot retails for around $2.00 to $3.00 in the shops. If we average $2.50 per shot then the value of the kit would be $320.00. Also consider that a typical retail outlet may pre-cut your wheatgrass and store it before juicing, not an ideal scenario as the product loses a lot of its nutrient value. Also consider that when the shop juices your grass they put it back into the same container used 10 minutes ago, therefore providing much older and less value juice. Basically to cut, juice and drink asap is the solution.

Is wheatgrass hard work?

It could be however half the fun and enjoyment is growing your own (the typical scenario, setting up and sowing the seeds 5-10 minutes, daily watering around 1-2 minutes).

Can I use non organic soil and seeds?

We really recommend using both organic sources as the nutrients from the soil will of course go into the wheatgrass.

Ilonka Hofmann