Edible Gardening with Hanging Baskets

Edible Gardening with Hanging Baskets

An edible garden is very on-trend at the moment, and for good reason. The idea of being able to pick fresh herbs and vegetables straight from the garden for dinner is appealing to most of us especially as supermarket prices grow, quality decreases and more than anything taste diminishes! Although, the reason we tend to not grow our own is convenience. We are here to tell you that creating an edible garden doesn't have to be hard... We have made it super simple with our Easy-Fill Hanging Baskets. They are the perfect environment for your "kitchen garden" to grow and thrive!

The beauty of hanging gardens is that, well, they are hanging! They make the perfect hanging herb garden for people with limited space, for example if you were living in an apartment or townhouse with only a small balcony but still wanted to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables. Also, they add a new dimension and depth to your existing garden, no matter the size.

Hanging edible gardens are ready for use immediately after planting, and within days you will start to notice that they spring to life and start taking shape. So you can begin to enjoy the amazing flavours straight away.

Hanging Gardens are a great way to get the kids involved in gardening, as they are super simple and basically fool-proof to plant out. The best part is that they will enjoy eating fresh herbs and vegetables more when they have been apart of it's life cycle.

Creating the Ultimate Edible Gardens

Below are a few idea of what will grow well together, however you are only limited by your imagination! The idea is that you get creative and experiment with what you like. Once you have planted you hanging basket out, will notice that within 3-6 days the plants will begin to spring to life and begin to grow amongst one another.
Hanging Basket Edible Garden Ideas

Our ides of what works well together...

Tomatoes, Parsley, Basil & Marigolds - Basil and parsley will naturally enhance the flavour of tomatoes and it is said to enhance the growth of the tomatoes. We also used marigolds to add a touch of colour and vibrance to the hanging garden protect the tomatoes from insects such as white worm. Peppers like chilli or capsicum also work well with this combination.

Tomatoes, Lettuce & Mint & Sage - Mint repel slugs which are known to plague lettuce. Lettuce acts as living mulch for the tomatoes, keeping the soil cooler, and reducing risk of disease spreading.

Lettuce, Strawberries & Borage - grow well together by attracting good insects and keeping away unwanted ones, they can also provide natural shade and support. By adding a border of Borage this will further deter many of the insects that afflict Strawberry plants. is also used as a culinary herb, it’s leaves have a mild cucumber taste while the flowers are slightly sweeter and look great when used in salads or to dress desserts.

Cucumbers, Radishes & Peas - Dwarf or 'compact' cucumbers are more uniform in shape and less susceptible to disease when planted in a hanging basket, a perfect companion for these would be peas or radishes as both will help control the bugs that commonly plague the cucumbers.

Garlic, Tomatoes & Chives - Chives repel aphids which attack tomatoes, while garlic repels spider mites.

Hanging Basket Ideas

Superfood Greens Hanging Baskets

Why not include superfoods in your bounteous home food garden? Typically these food sources are high in antioxidants and essential nutrients that our bodies can't produce so it makes sense to have them on hand!

A basket full of Kale or Spinach will not only look great but both are packed full of iron, fibre, vitamins A, B6, C and K, plus foliate and calcium.

Strawberries are another food full of the goodness of vitamin C and fibre as well as various phytochemicals which have been shown to help improve our immune systems.

Microgreens are also said to be full of vitamins and minerals at a more concentrated level as they are harvested within 14 days of their growth cycle. You could try Watercress, Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Tatsoi, Mustard or Radish Greens.

Edible Gardens by Cuisine

You could try things like growing an edible basket specific to different styles of cooking and which cuisines you prefer, that way when you are creating a dish, you have all the herbs ready to go in that one basket.

Asian - try planting Thai Basil, Lemongrass, Vietnamese Mint and Coriander

Italian - you could grow Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and Oregano!
Hanging Basket Steps

Venetian Easy Fill Wall Basket - Set of 3

✓ Grate design that allows plants to breathe & flourish ✓ No moss or liner required – easy & environmentally friendly ✓ Quick & easy - side planted basket in minutes ✓ 5 removable pockets, take max. 11cm pots ✓ Easy to attach to any solid vertical surface ✓ Life expectancy – up to 10 years!

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