Compare Hanging Baskets: Which Basket is Best?

Compare Hanging Baskets: Which Basket is Best?

There are so many types of hanging garden baskets on the market, that it can be hard to choose which one to buy! Do you choose a wire basket with a coconut fibre lining or do you choose a solid plastic basket? The choices are basically endless. Here we help you decide which type of hanging basket is perfect for you and your needs.

Hanging Baskets are made from a wide range of different materials from solid plastic, galvanised metal or terracotta, to more natural materials such as seagrass, sisal or rattan.

But which basket is best? Whether you are an experienced gardener or a novice, you want your hanging basket to be successful. We have found there are 3 factors which determine whether your hanging garden is successful:

  • Ease of Planting - How easy they are to plant & create
  • Maintenance - How much maintenance is required?
  • Overall Look - Did the basket turn out how you imagined?

Ease of Planting

Standard hanging Baskets

Dead Standard Hanging Baskets

This is the biggest concern for customers who are looking for a hanging basket. Previous experience tells them it can be quite time-consuming and tricky to plant out a hanging basket and the results are always mixed. Sometimes spending a long time planting them only to find a couple of weeks later they are dead and life-less!

Standard Hanging Baskets: will require you to firstly line your baskets with messy moss, coconut fibres or burlap. This is time consuming, tricky and gives very mixed and unpredictable results as the plants are sometimes deprived of air and sunlight.

If you wish to have plants coming from the sides of your basket, incisions will need to be made into the lining or outer casing and then carefully poking the root balls of the plants through from the outside. This damages both the root and the plant. Terracotta or solid plastic baskets cannot be used to plant from the sides.

Hanging Basket Planting

Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

Venetian Easy Fill Baskets are made from a solid plastic construction with pre-formed apertures or grates, meaning that you do not have to line them at all! These specially designed grates mean that the plants also have direct access to water, air, sunlight and oxygen at all times - something other hanging baskets simply cannot give.

They Venetian Baskets are basically made up of plastic grates that clip into the main solid basket. The plant only needs to aligned in the hole, the grate clipped into place and then the basket gets filled with potting mix and plants can then be planted on top. These grates ensure the plants are not damaged in any way during the planting process and plants are distributed evenly throughout the basket.

You can see how simple it is to plant out the Venetian Hanging Baskets below:

Steps for Planting the Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

Steps for Planting the Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

We are here to show you how quick and easy it is to use your Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets. In under 5 minutes they are ready to hang and you can watch as these magnificent baskets come to life and turn into a beautiful and colourful display. With the Easy Fill Hanging Baskets there is no need for guess work or cutting holes. They have inbuilt holes for each plant to slot into and the grates fit over the plant without damaging the roots. This completely takes the hassle out of planting out ...

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Maintenance & How Long Will They Last For?

Standard Hanging Basket Dead

Standard hanging Baskets

Standard Hanging Baskets: struggle to give the plants a consistent amount of water, sunlight and oxygen because of their enclosed design. This means the plants end up dead after a short period of time. Also you may find the solid plastic hanging baskets or those that have not been properly prepared will get water logged easily leading to all sorts of issues, such as yellowing leaves, root rot and green algae. Over watering is just killing your plants with kindness, they do need water but the roots need a combination of oxygen and sunlight to thrive.

Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

Venetian Easy Fill Baskets are super easy to maintain. The grates allow for correct air ventilation and drainage to ensure that your plants don’t get root rot and are properly ventilated at all times.

These innovative baskets also have an integral water reservoir for improved water retention, meaning you don't have to worry about under or over-watering.

Standard hanging Baskets

Hanging Basket Close Up

Standard Hanging Baskets: can be cheap and nasty, made from thin plastics which can't withstand the outside elements. They begin to crack, peel and become discoloured. Standard hanging baskets can also be quite cumbersome and heavy, especially when made from terracotta or clay. Cheap chains can also rust, risking the whole basket falling down and destroying all your hard work!

Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

Venetian Easy Fill Baskets are made from hard wearing and thick black plastic that won’t crack or shatter with a very sturdy metal rustproof chain, also they are a very generous 35cm in diameter and only 0.3kg which is very light when compared to others on the market. The Venetian Hanging Baskets have a life expectancy of up to 10 years!!

Overall Look

Standard hanging Baskets

Standard Hanging Baskets: that can be bought from the hardware store don’t allow for any creativity, you are limited to what you can plant in the top of the basket therefore stifling your imagination and unable allow for experimentation. You are also limited to types of plants which require little drainage and circulation. A standard hanging basket will never allow you to plant a variety of different flowers and plants successfully.

Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

Venetian Easy Fill Baskets are an easy way to add a bit of drama and lavish extravagance to your garden with their lush cascades of flowers and shrubs. The beauty of the Venetian Baskets is that the plants are grown throughout the whole pot, even from the sides. This means that your arrangements can be so varied, and the flowers don't just simply sit on top like most other types of hanging baskets.

You could plant yourself a kitchen garden with a mixture of herbs such as mint, basil, chives and parsley and add in some strawberries, dwarf tomatoes and snow peas. Or you could grow your own organic garlic. You could even use two of the baskets together and create a succulent ball! You and your garden will be the envy of your neighbours!

Hanging Basket Banner

Why Buy the Venetian Hanging Baskets?

  • Much easier to plant out than other styles. Innovative design means no mess, no fuss! Simply choose your potting mix, choose your plants and design and away you go!
  • Uncomplicated maintenance. Revolutionary design allows the Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets to be effortlessly cared for. Common issues such as overwatering and root rot are a thing of the past as the grates allow for correct air ventilation and drainage – the two biggest health risks for hanging baskets.
  • Easy way to add drama and originality to your garden. Let your imagination run wild! There are no limits to what you can create with the Venetian Easy Fill Hanging Baskets.

Venetian Easy Fill Wall Basket - Set of 3

✓ Grate design that allows plants to breathe & flourish ✓ No moss or liner required – easy & environmentally friendly ✓ Quick & easy - side planted basket in minutes ✓ 5 removable pockets, take max. 11cm pots ✓ Easy to attach to any solid vertical surface ✓ Life expectancy – up to 10 years!

Venetian Hanging Basket Optional Stand

✓ Suitable for the Venetian Hanging Baskets ✓ Quick & easy to assemble; simply slots into place ✓ Wide, stable base with holes for drainage; great for securing ✓ Environmentally friendly, durable recycled plastic ✓ Adjustable heights: 53cm & 85cm ✓ Stand base measures: w 50 cm

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