BioChef Living Food Kitchen range - the reasons behind it

BioChef Living Food Kitchen range - the reasons behind it

The type of food we eat and how we consume food has changed forever. As a society we are recognising that essential nutrition is provided simply by changing our diet to a more simple, plant-based one which easily outweighs the convenience of over processed and fast foods. We are hungry for nutrients, not hungry for food and there is no turning back.

It comes from the ground up. People have the consumer power to ask for change about where their food comes from and how they want it prepared. With this shift, we have seen appliances evolve from mere providers of convenience, to work with nature to release the best nutrients in the food, to save waste through efficiency and save time.

The BioChef range of Living Food Kitchen products make health easy through their revolutionary design and construction. The BioChef Atlas Living Juicer and the BioChef Axis Living Juicer/ Processor not only provide a way to juice nearly every thing you can think of, but does it in a way which releases and preserves the enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins in your food.

The BioChef Living Food Blender has a touch swipe panel for ease of control and powerful, high-speed motor to spin the stainless steel blades to pulverise whole foods to release the phytonutrients contained in the skin, seeds and flesh.

This range of Living Food Kitchen appliances are built to last a lifetime, have replaceable parts, and do not harm your fruits and vegetables, functioning as the foundations of a living food kitchen. The recipe book represents the beginning of a move towards creating healthy, wholesome food grown by locally sourced producers and vendors, from the community garden or the humble back garden.

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Michelle Kelly