Bali Byron Yoga Swing

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✓ Light and Versatile
✓ Helps to Tone, Stretch and Strengthen
✓ Ideal for Inversion Therapy
✓ Ultimate Companion for Yoga Postures
✓ Great Tool for Anti gravity
✓ Perfect for Travel


Bali Byron Yoga Swing

Experience aerial yoga today in the comfort of your home!

  • Improve your yoga practice at home with the Bali Byron Yoga Swings, which allow you to move and stretch vertically, horizontally or in complete inversion. The Bali Byron Yoga Swings are made from the highest quality materials, in a beautiful range of colours and are used in yoga studios around Australia for inversion yoga, aerial yoga, anti gravity yoga and also for supporting more traditional yoga postures.

Sturdy & Durable Construction

Backed by a one year product warranty...

  • The Bali Byron Yoga Swings are made primarily from the highest quality of nylon fabric available, the same that is used by airborne skydivers. The nylon is comfortable against the skin and and breathes, avoiding any sweaty feeling or smells. This fabric is mildew proof and can be washed in the washing machine for super easy care.
    The handles are made from Balinese teak wood and the hooks from stainless steel so are completely rust proof and very strong.

Adjustable & Versatile

To suit every individual body shape & any desired position

  • yoga swing warrior 2 pose
  • The main component of the Yoga Swing is the pelvic waist sling, which is also suitable for use as a relaxing hammock. Either side there are two arms and leg handles at adjustable heights, with two additional handles at the top.
    The system is simple and quick to adjust from one level to another. The Swing can be used by itself or the handles can be used with the Swing or the Swing can be removed and the handles used by themselves also. A 6mm nylon rope approximately 120cm long can simply be knotted with four levels of adjustment and is a simple way of finely tuning heights.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Stretch, tone & rejuvenate the body

  • yoga swing back-bend
  • The Yoga Swing allows you to receive all the benefits of anti gravity therapy, utilising the same technology that has been physician-designed and recommended for astronauts to allow for unparalleled relaxation and comfort during flight. By positioning your lower legs above your heart, pressure is taken off the spine, muscle tension is reduced and your circulation is increased.
    This allows you to recover from illness, bounce back from injuries and help increase your circulation for sore muscles and joints. Aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga has been attributed to helping relieve stress, sciatica, improving the digestion, resporitory and circulatory systems to name a few.

Designed in Byron Bay, Made in Bali

Integrating two world class yoga destinations

  • yoga swing bridge pose
  • The Bali Byron Yoga Range is designed in Byron Bay by those who practice yoga daily and have felt themselves the benefits of combining yoga with inversion. Each swing is then handmade in Bali using beautiful finishes such as wooden handles made from the Balinese Sungkai wood. The colour range was inspired by beautiful native Australia flora, such as the Jacaranda and Red Hibiscus. The design reflects both cultures that we, at Vitality 4 Life, hold very close to our heart. Our longstanding friendship with the Balinese has enabled us to develop high quality yoga equipment for over 10 years.

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Additional Information

Acacia: FP-YG-YS-AU-AC
Red – Hibiscus: FP-YG-YS-AU-RH
Lechenaultia: FP-YG-YS-AU-LN
Jacaranda: FP-YG-YS-AU-JD
Glosrosa: FP-YG-YS-AU-GR
Bottle Brush: FP-YG-YS-AU-BB
Blue Spur: FP-YG-YS-AU-BS
Brand Bali Byron Yoga Swings
Model Number BBYS
UPC Acacia: 9341061009641
Red – Hibiscus: 9341061009719
Lechenaultia: 9341061009702
Kapok: 9341061009696
Jacaranda: 9341061009689
Glosrosa: 9341061009672
Bottle Brush: 9341061009665
Blue Spur: 9341061009658
Colours Available Acacia, Red – Hibiscus, Lechenaultia, Kapok, Jacaranda, Glosrosa, Bottle Brush and Blue Spur
Included Accessories 2 x 120cm Nylon Rope, 1 x 6mm Nylon Rope
Domestic Warranty 1 Year
Product Weight 1.1kg
Shipping Weight 2kg
Shipping Dimensions L 31cm x H 13cm x D 22cm
Materials Nylon
Functions N/A
Programs N/A
Dishwasher Safe N/A
Amplitude N/A
G Force N/A
Decibel N/A
Cable Length N/A
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