Magic Bullet 21pc Set


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✓ Microwave safe cups - blend a soup and then heat in seconds
✓ Quick and easy to use
✓ Versatile appliance - blends, grates, chops, grinds, mixes
✓ All parts including blades are dishwasher safe
✓ 1 year warranty


Magic Bullet 21 piece Set

  • The Magic Bullet can blend, whip, grind, mix in one handy, compact kitchen appliance. The high speed blades, specifically designed to quickly pulversise is helped by the bullet shape of the blending mugs which helps to circulate food back down into the cutting zone.
    This process is the key to the fast and efficient action of the Magic Bullet and is called the Cyclonic Cutting Zone®. This circulation of ingredients back onto the blades means most actions are done in around 10 seconds.
    The cross blade with its four prongs is used for chopping, grating and blending. The two pronged flat blade is perfect grinding and whipping.
    For an unbelievably easy soup, place raw ingredients for a quick 10 minutes and heat the microwave safe containers for just another couple of minutes - a streaming hot soup in an amazingly quick time.
    The Magic Bullet comes with a Blender Attachment that allows you to use the same base but make larger portions of mixes and drinks.
    The comprehensive manual and user guide gives detailed instructions for: Chopping Onions and Garlic, Smoothies, Frozen Drinks, Grinding Coffee, Mixing Batters and Breads, Chopping Fresh Herbs, Grinding Spices, Grating Cheeses, Grinding Meats, Whipping Cream. There are dozens of recipes for: Dips, Appetizers, Frozen Cocktails, Breakfast Dishes, Soups, Dinner Dishes, Desserts, Baby Food, Coffee Drinks, Smoothies.

  • Magic Bullet


  • Magic Bullet
  • - High Torque Power Base - 200W
    - Cross Blade
    - Flat Blade
    - Tall Cup - larger capacity for mixing smoothies and shakes.
    - Short Cup - best used for chopping vegetable portions or grinding coffee.
    - Shaker and Steamer Tops - use when steaming foods in the microwave, or as shaker tops for your freshly ground Parmesan cheese or finely ground spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg.
    - Two stay fresh resealable lids - blend or chop, use what you need and reseal for freshness. Save on plastic wrap or extra storage containers.
    - Four Party Mugs with Comfort Lips Rings - make a tailored drink for each member of the family or group.
    - Blender Attachment
    - Juicer Attachment
    - Magic Bullet 10 Second Recipe Book - 100 page recipe book with ideas and inspiration.

Additional Information

Brands NutriBullet
Model Number MBR-2107M
UPC 856915005223
Speed Range Single
Colours Available Grey
Included Accessories High Torque Power Base, Cross Blade, Flat Blade, Tall Cup, Short Cup, Shaker & Steamer Tops, Two Stay-fresh, Resealable Lids, Four Party Mugs with Comfort Lip Rings, Bullet Blender, Bullet Juicer, Magic Bullet 10 Second Recipe Book
Warranty 12 Months
Product Weight 3.45 kg
Shipping Weight 15.2 kg
Product Dimensions L 27cm x W 26cm x H 33.4cm
Shipping Dimensions L 34.5cm x W 56cm x H 53cm
Wattage 200w
Materials BPA Free
Parts Materials N/A
Amplitude N/A
G Force N/A
Decibel N/A
Cable Length N/A