Whole Slow Juicers

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The whole slow juicer or whole fruit juicer is the latest technological development in the cold press juicer category. Being able to juice WHOLE fruits and vegetables without the need for preparation or cutting prior to juicing, the whole slow juicer guarantees a more efficient juicing time from preparation, to juicing and the clean up time, combined.

Vertical slow juicers have been sold in Australia for around 10 years, with Vitality 4 Life being the original importer of this style of machine. The vertical slow juicer has come a long way since then, and this most recent development, we believe, is truly closing the gap between the "convenience-driven" purchase of centrifugal juicers and the incredible nutrient-rich, living juice that is extracted from cold press juicers. This combination of both convenience and nutrition is why whole slow juicers are changing the juicing industry.

Vitality 4 Life is at the forefront of this new technology and we have a range of whole slow juicers that we believe to be the finest in the world. Our models include the BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer and the Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer.

Whole Slow Juicers by Vitality 4 Life:

  • More powerful - 250w AC split phase motors
  • Longer warranty - lifetime on motor & 5 years on parts
  • Superior 'dual-flap' design - minimal pulp, froth/foam & less effort required
  • Tritan - impact-resistant, tough & BPA-free juicing parts
  • 20+ years design, manufacturing and product experience

Our Range of Whole Slow Juicers

Vitality 4 Life distributes two brands of whole fruit juicers: BioChef & Oscar.

Both machines are fairly similar 'spec-wise', with both featuring a powerful 250w AC split-phase motor, dual-flap chute design, and lifetime motor warranty. The main difference between the two machines is the appearance:

BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer: comes in 4 colours with a hard-coated plastic casing: black, white, red & silver. It has a more rounded/curved in shape at rear and front and a bench footprint of 14.5cm x 22cm

Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer: has a beautifully brushed stainless-steel outer casing and has a more structured/square in shape at rear and front. It has a bench footprint: 16cm x 21cm

Reviews for the Design of Vitality 4 Life Whole Slow Juicers: