Food Dehydrators

If you are dedicated to healthy eating, a food dehydrator can be an incredibly useful tool in your kitchen. Whether you are dehydrating pineapples, tomatoes, apples or any other food item, the dehydration process retains nearly 100% of the food’s nutritional content. This means that you can preserve your produce for longer and create a range of tasty and easily portable healthy snacks. Dehydrated foods are very popular for those who follow a raw food diet, as they have a rich concentration of nutrition and enzymes. Take a look at our great range of dehydrators from BioChef and choose the best food dehydrator for your needs.

We have three new dehydrators coming soon including a commercial model so please call 1800 802 924 for more details or to place an order.

Food dehydrators use heat and air flow to reduce the very high water content in foods and therefore stop the growth of bacteria and prevent food from spoiling. You can make your own genuine meat jerky from beef, pork or poultry or create delicious trail mix with dried fruits, berries and nuts. Also, dehydrated foods will take up approximately one sixth of their original space, so this is a very efficient way to store a large amount of fruits and vegetables.

A food dehydrator can easily make and preserve dried fruits and vegetables and store them for up to 2 years. If they are stored properly, dehydrated foods will have a much longer shelf life than any other method of preservation. Our dehydrators contain an impressive set of features for food preparation including adjustable thermostats, drying guide, non-stick sheets, multiple trays, drying flexibility options, compact design and multipurpose functionality.

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