Hurom 700 - The Boss™ Slow Juicer – HU 700

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RRP: $399

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Quick Overview

  • Patented Juice Outlet Cap and Pulp Outlet Plug
  • Larger Capacity Juice Bowl and Parts
  • Two Ultem Strainers - one for fine juicing of harder produce and a coarse strainer for pulpier produce
  • 5 Year Warranty on Parts and LIFETIME Warranty on Motor

The newest model Hurom Juicer, the HU 700 - the Boss™ of Slow Juicers. Utilising Hurom's Patented SSS™ (Slow Squeezing System), the Hurom 700 produces the highest quality juice, preserving the taste and nutrients as nature intended.

Key Features of the Hurom 700 'The Boss' Juicer:

  • Patented Juice Outlet Cap and Pulp Outlet Plug
  • Larger Capacity Juice Bowl and Parts
  • Ultem Strainer for Fine and Coarse Juicing
  • 5 Year Warranty on Parts and LIFETIME Warranty on Motor
Hurom Juicer Container Sieve

The Hurom Slow Juicer now includes the a Juicing Sieve for an even smoother juice. The sieve attaches onto the juicing container and strains any remaining pulp from the juice.

While the Hurom Juicers do produce a very smooth and fine juice, this extra sieve guarantees NO pulp.

This Sieve is exclusive to Vitality 4 Life and is valued at $19.95!

You have the Power with the Hurom 700

The HU 700 features the Juice Outlet Cap which allows you to easily control the amount of juice poured into the container or glass without any drips, drops or spills. With the Juice Cap closed the juice is being pre-mixed within the juice Bowl, meaning it is poured into the glass and ready to enjoy.

The Hurom 700 guarantees absolute "pulp control" with the patented Pulp Outlet Plug, a simple silicon valve which either allows pulp to freely flow into the juice or prevents this completely, meaning a pulp-free juice!

The Best Commercial Grade and Heavy Duty Cold Press Juicer

With a significantly larger capacity (500mL) Juice Bowl and larger sized parts, the Hurom 700 has the ability to juice in not only the home but also in commercial environments such as juice bars, cafes, restaurants and health retreats. Fruits and vegetables are juiced in a larger area within the Juice Bowl, preventing clogging or back up. This means with the Hurom 700 you can juice and juice and juice.

The Hurom Boss is a Powerful Juicing Machine

The screw is made with a robust new material called Ultem. This eco-friendly and BPA-Free material is semi-permanent and highly durable, which is evident in the 5-year warranty on parts.

The Hurom 700 is Easy to Use and Clean

If you are looking for a simple, quick and easy Juicer, then the HU 700 is for you. The minimal parts, a larger feeding shoot and vertical design ensures that juicing is both fast and efficient. Designed for the fast-paced environment with cafes and restaurants in mind, the Hurom 700 will also make juicing for the family easy.

By simply filling the Juice Bowl with water and releasing the Juice Cap, gravity flushes the water out, making it very easy to clean. This also assists in a commercial environment, as you are able to clean the juicer between different juice combinations without hassle.

The Hurom 700 is Awarded the Red Dot Award for 2013

The Hurom 700 Juicer has been awarded the very prestigious international Red Dot Design Award for 2013.

The Red Dot is the prize for high design quality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to projects that set themselves apart significantly from comparable projects thanks to their excellent design.

This award is a testament to the quality of the Hurom "The Boss" 700.

Red Dot Design 2013 Award Logo

Differences between the Hurom 700 models in Australia

There has been some confusion with the way Hurom has named their juicer models in Australia. We stock the Hurom 700 also known as the HH-DBI06 model, however their is a model in Australia called Hurom Elite.

The Lever found on the Hurom 700 (top) and the Hurom Elite model (bottom) have the same function.

Vitality 4 Life Hurom 700 - Model HH-DBI06 

Other Hurom 700 Elite

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Silver: JU-HU-700-AU-SV
Burgundy: JU-HU-700-AU-BU
Brands Hurom
Model Number HHDBI06
UPC Silver: 9341061003038
Burgundy: 9341061003045
Extraction Type Single Gear/Cold Press
Motor Single-Phase Induction
Frequency 60 Hz
Colours Available Burgundy / Silver
Included Accessories Ultem Tough Auger, 1 x Fine & Coarse Strainer, Collection Jugs, Cleaning Brush, Tamper
Warranty Domestic: LIFETIME on Motor / 5 Years on Parts / Commercial: 2 Years Limited
Product Weight 6.1kg
Shipping Weight 8kg
Product Dimensions L 16.7cm x H 39.8cm x D 23.7cm
Shipping Dimensions L 24cm x D 43cm x H 60cm
Wattage 150w
Voltage 230v
Certified CE certified
Materials BPA FREE Ultem Tough Polycarbonate
Extra Features Vertical juicing, Juice Outlet Cap, Fine & Coarse Juicing Screen, Larger Drum (500ml), Measurements on the drum for more precise Juicing, Ultem Parts
Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables
Feed Product Type New
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Delivery
  • Extended Product Warranty
  • Free Return Policy
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Product Expert Available
  • Comprehensive User Manual with Recipes
  • Australian Service Center
  • Parts & Accessories Available
  • vitality4life
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