Compare Leading Brands of Vertical Slow Juicers

Compare Leading Brands of Vertical Slow Juicers

Are you looking for the right juicer at the right price? Here's what you should know before spending over $300 on a juicer...

If you are confused about which slow juicer to buy and what price you should expect to pay, you are not alone. As this tiny niche market has become mainstream the influx of cold press juicer brands into the global marketplace has brought about lots of different models at varying prices. This has at times made it hard for consumers to differentiate which brand they should trust and which juicers offer the best value for money.

In this article we will compare the leading brands of vertical slow juicers: Hurom, Kuvings & BioChef.

Compare Leading Vertical Juicer Brands

BioChef vs Kuvings vs Hurom

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Latest Technology in Vertical Slow Juicers: the 'Whole Slow Juicer'

As you can see from the above table, there is a newer style of slow juicer which is able to juice whole fruits and vegetables through a larger feeding chute and improvements to the juicing mechanism. This style of slow juicer is literally changing the juicing industry - bridging the gap between the "convenience appeal" centrifugal juicer and the health benefits associated with slow juicers.

Whole slow juicers result in a much quicker juicing time, with produce requiring no preparation prior to juicing - whole fruits and vegetables can drop down the chute, but still be juiced via a crushing and squeezing mechanism; resulting in a beautifully fine and nutrient-rich living juice.

If you want to read more about Whole Slow Juicers and the differences between the leading brands, see our article here: Compare Whole Slow Juicers.

BioChef – No Reason to Pay More

Our unrealised dream was to maturate our own brand and so BioChef was developed and designed with user-centric principles and "value" at the core of our methodology.

We are proud to offer a range of cold press juicers that provide efficiency and effectiveness for the user. At the heart of the brand, BioChef is an innovative blend of user-centric design and "Value" through price and product quality as evidenced by the long warranties we are able to uphold.

The BioChef products are produced on a spectrum of "today manufacturing"; we are committed to making smart manufacturing choices without compromising on quality. This allows us to pass these savings on to our valued customers.

The BioChef slow juicers are made in China in a lesser-known quality-first environment; Vitality 4 Life has experienced first-hand an incredible elevation in production technology and workmanship to meet our "Approved Product" standards. This has allowed us to evolve from our traditional manufacturing environment while maintaining our integrity to our customers.

A a testament to the brand - the BioChef juicers are now available in over 15 countries via online and bricks-and-mortar major retailers.

We Know What You Want in a Juicer...

As the original juicer company, Vitality 4 Life has been in the business for over 20 years and we know our customers very well. We know you want to improve your health in some way, that's why you're looking for a juicer, right? We know you want a good price, a fair price. And we also know you want to feel secure about handing over your hard-earned money.

A Healthy Choice

We have watched our little niche cold press juicing industry explode into the mainstream, however our product values remain strong: the product must deliver genuine health benefits to the user. That is at the core of our business - products that improve your health and well-being and we are the best in the business for finding products that do just that. And BioChef is no exception, a range of slow juicers that will deliver you the life-giving power of raw pressed juices.

The Right Price

We have done the hard work for you! Vitality 4 Life is committed to complete transparency about manufacturing, product information and pricing. We compare the broad range of products in the market to help you to choose the right one for you, it's what we have always done and it has helped our customers feel like not only are they getting the best deal, but they will have a product that exceeds their expectations.

Spending upwards of $300 on a juicer is a significant investment, yet the rewards you can expect to gain are quite amazing. Not only will you begin to look and feel better as the power of living foods detoxifies and energizes your body, but also the savings on produce will virtually pay for itself in just months! A cold press juicer has up to a 35% higher extraction rate than a standard juicer. More juice = less waste.

What does a lower RPM mean?

This is a very interesting point. The RPM is not measured when there is produce in the juicer or what produce is being juiced. The RPM plays a role in creating a cold press juice but does not define the nutritional value or quality of the juice. It is not just about the rotation of the blade (or screw/auger); what's important is the power that is driving that blade. This power is known as "torque" and it is the torque which will determine the extent to which the cellulose fibre is squeezed - the more squeeze the better in terms of nutritional content.

This is evident when you compare RPM's against consumer test results- One of the world’s top 3 juicers; the GreenPower Hippocrates Juicer revolves at 160rpm, yet it produces juice that has been proven to have 2x the beta carotene and alpha-carotene and up to 3 x the calcium than juice produced from a centrifugal-style machine. This is more than any other cold press juicer on the market.

“After 20 years in this industry, I have noticed an influx of new models claiming low RPM is a more efficacious model; a model that demands more consumer spend. Vitality 4 Life has been selling cold press juicers for more than 20 years, but unfortunately since cold press juicers became an overnight success, as the numbers grew, several companies chose to take advantage of the consumer’s lack of knowledge on this new subject. An example of this is the perverse claim that “our cold press juicer is slower than your cold press juicer”. The idea of producing a new model that has a slower RPM of 10-14% is a total furphy.”

Roger Akins - Founder & CEO, Vitality 4 Life

Secure and Reliable

Vitality 4 Life is the leading cold press juicer company globally, and our BioChef slow juicers are shipped to customers right across the world. We have offices in Australia, the UK and Italy and we are committed to providing a unique experience for a customers through our level of service and support. Our products come with long warranties and our team is dedicated to helping customers find the right product for them and ensuring they can use it for the long term.

BioChef: Best Slow Juicers from the Right Company

The BioChef slow juicers are without a doubt the best value juicers on the market today and for over 20 years Vitality 4 Life has helped people live healthier and more vibrant lives. Take advantage today knowing you have made the right choice.

"I was completely confused about which juicer I should buy... And to be honest I was quite hesitant to spend so much on just a juicer. I called Vitality 4 Life and spoke to a lady there who talked to me at length about which juicer I should buy and even gave me a coupon code to use in the checkout. The juicer arrived quickly and I am now on day 10 of juicing and what can I say, brilliant! I bought the BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer and it juices the whole fruits and veggies so quickly and the juice tastes amazing... so different to the juice from my old juicer. I am blown away by the service and the quality of the product. I am one happy shopper and would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking of buying a BioChef! - Carol McCredie, NSW, Australia

BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer

✓ Staff Pick: 'Best Value for Money' Juicer ✓ Compact Style ✓ 2 x Juicing Screens Included - fine & coarse for preference ✓ Made from Tritan BPA FREE Polycarbonate ✓ Quiet & Simple to use ✓ 10 Year Motor Warranty / 5 Years on Parts

BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer

✓ Smallest footprint of any vertical juicer ✓ 2 x juice screens made from Tritan material for fine and coarse juicing ✓ Included with juicer is a set of two ceramic knives, double sided chopping board, Food Matters Documentary DVD and 1 months subscription to health channel ✓ Colours available: white, red, black, silver ✓ Warranty: LIFETIME on motor, 5 years on parts

BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer

✓ Largest feeding chute of any cold press juicer – 8cm x 8cm ✓ Powerful 250w Motor / 40 RPM ✓ EPT™ (Enzyme Protection Technology) ✓ Quiet Operation & Easy Cleaning ✓ Warranty: Lifetime on Motor / 5 Years on Parts ✓ Available in Red, White, Black & Silver ✓ Free gift included with purchase!

Ilonka Hofmann