Compare Hurom and BioChef Juicers

Compare Hurom and BioChef Juicers

If you are looking for a Hurom Juicer, then we urge you to take a closer look before making your purchase. The two leaders in vertical slow juicers are Hurom and BioChef and both have more than one model to choose from. Hurom has over 10 different models, and BioChef has only two. Let's have a look at what sets them apart, so you know you are buying the right juicer for you and your needs!

Latest News in Vertical Slow Juicers

The Hurom & BioChef vertical style slow juicers have caused somewhat of a cold press juicing revolution by bringing cold press juicing into the mainstream. Many more people are now aware of the benefits of consuming living juice as part of their daily routine for living a healthy lifestyle. The latest news in vertical slow juicers is that they are now able to juice whole fruits and vegetables, resulting in the fastest and most enjoyable slow juicing experience ever imagined. Vitality 4 Life has captured the value of this new techological advancement in vertical slow juicers by bringing forth the best in quality, value and performance with our very own BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer

Watch the whole apple slow juicer comparison video below to see which of the world's two best of class whole slow juicers perform better in the whole apple test.

More models = more confusion, not a better juicer!

You will very quickly notice that there is an alarming array of different Hurom models on the Australian market. This is due to the manufacturer selling to multiple distributors which has somewhat flooded the market, ultimately confusing the customer! The Hurom Juicers are factory developed and designed, meaning that changes to the design and features are not reflective of what the customer truly wants in a juicer. These minute changes to colours, design and parts have done nothing to improve the usability for the customer, get a better quality juice or improve cleaning time. These changes are basically a way for Hurom to bring out a "new juicer" for different distributors and to supersede models quickly.

The BioChef Juicers however, have been customer led and are the result of over 20 years of knowledge in the juicing industry. The BioChef Atlas Juicer was introduced into the market in the middle of 2014 as an "all rounder", combining what we believed to be the features customers at that time were looking for - vertical style, sleek design, effective juicing, and it was great value by offering a complete "kit" with knives, chopping board, DVDs and a 80 page hardcover recipe book.

The BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer, was released at the start of 2015, and is reinventing the way we look at vertical juicers by bridging the gap between a centrifugal juicer and a cold press juicer. The BioChef Atlas Whole is one of the very first "whole" styles of slow juicers, with a chute and juicing mechanism large enough to juice whole fruits and vegetables at once!


You will not only notice that the BioChef Juicers have longer warranties than the Hurom Juicers, a very interesting and important point to consider is: who is going to look after the service and support of your machine for it's lifetime? Hurom does not have a sole distributor in Australia and in fact has multiple distributors. This basically means that if you require service and support on your juicer down the track, you do not have one sole distributor and service centre to look after you. Our experience tells us that this results in customers being lead in circles trying to get parts or support for their juicer!

BioChef is a brand developed, designed and manufactured by Vitality 4 Life and as such we are the sole distributor, service centre and customer support centre for the BioChef products. Vitality 4 Life will be there for the life of your BioChef product and we are committed to providing the support you need to get the most out of your juicer.

What does a lower RPM mean?

This is a very interesting point. The RPM is not measured when there is produce in the juicer or what produce is being juiced. The RPM plays a role in creating a cold press juice but does not define the nutritional value or quality of the juice. It is not just about the rotation of the blade (or screw/auger); what's important is the power that is driving that blade. This power is known as "torque" and it is the torque which will determine the extent to which the cellulose fibre is squeezed - the more squeeze the better in terms of nutritional content.

This is evident when you compare RPM's against consumer test results- One of the world’s top 3 juicers; the GreenPower Hippocrates Juicer revolves at 160rpm, yet it produces juice that has been proven to have 2x the beta carotene and alpha-carotene and up to 3 x the calcium than juice produced from a centrifugal-style machine. This is more than any other cold press juicer on the market.

“After 20 years in this industry, I have noticed an influx of new models claiming low RPM is a more efficacious model; a model that demands more consumer spend.

Vitality 4 Life has been selling cold press juicers for more than 20 years, but unfortunately since cold press juicers became an overnight success, as the numbers grew, several companies chose to take advantage of the consumer’s lack of knowledge on this new subject.

An example of this is the perverse claim that “our cold press juicer is slower than your cold press juicer”. The idea of producing a new model that has a slower RPM of 10-14% is a total furphy.”

- Roger Akins, CEO and Founder of Vitality 4 Life.

BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer

✓ Smallest footprint of any vertical juicer
✓ 2 juice screens made from Tritan material for fine and coarse juicing
✓ Fastest 'slow' juicer available
✓ Self cleaning function while in operation
✓ Included with juicer is a set of two ceramic knives, double sided chopping board, Food Matters Documentary DVD and 1 months subscription to health channel
✓ Colours available: white, red, black, silver
✓ Warranty: LIFETIME on motor, 5 years on parts

BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer

✓ Largest feeding chute of any cold press juicer – 8cm x 8cm
✓ Fastest & most efficient cold press juicer on the market
✓ EPT™ (Enzyme Protection Technology)
✓ Quiet Operation & Easy Cleaning
✓ Warranty: Lifetime on Motor/ 5 Years on Parts
✓ Available in Red, White, Black & Silver

How to juice leafy green and fibrous vegetables in a vertical cold press juicer:

The Hurom Juicers utilise gravity to draw fruits and vegetables down into the gear or auger, which makes the juicing process quicker than other cold press juicers.

However, due the speed at which these fruits and vegetables are juiced, fibrous and leafy green vegetables can become lodged around the star-gear which drives the pulp away from the juice, when juiced in large quantities.

While we generally don't recommend a Hurom as a specifically Green Juicer, we have some quick and easy tips so that you can still enjoy green veggies in your daily juice when using a Hurom:

  • Cut green vegetables into 1 cm - 1 inch size pieces
  • Alternate between vegetables. Carrots and apples are great for "flushing" through the greens
  • Allow your juicer time to juice! Drop the cut vegetable down the shoot and allow it time to juice that piece properly. You will have better results and a better quality of juice if the juicer is not overfed.

Are you looking for a juicer specifically to juice leafy greens?

You can use a Hurom juicer to juice a wide range of fruits and vegetable juices, they are the perfect "all rounder" juicer. You can still add celery, kale, wheatgrass or lettuce into your daily V8 juice but if you are looking to juice lots of green vegetables without much else, we may have a more suitable juicer for you.

A horizontal cold press juicer will easily and efficiently juice fibrous and green vegetables better than a vertical. Our favourite Green Juicer is the Oscar Neo DA 1000

To see our comparison of the latest model Hurom 700 and the Oscar Neo, see our article here: Compare Oscar Neo and Hurom 700

Also, you can compare the Hurom Juicer to US juicer company Omega here: Compare Omega and Hurom Juicers

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Ilonka Hofmann