Compare: Sirena vs Rainbow

Compare: Sirena vs Rainbow

Ready to move away from the traditional vacuum cleaner to the healthier, new and improved water filtration system?

Water filtration systems are perfect for people who suffer from allergies, sinus difficulties, asthma or any breathing conditions, as well as households with pets!

In this post we compare the leading brands of water filtration vacuum systems including the Sirena System Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner and the latest model Rainbow ‘E2 Black’, to help make your buying decision even easier.

Water Filtration Vacuum Systems Comparison Table

Sirena & Rainbow Comparison Table

While the Sirena system is a standalone product it is directly comparable to the E Series Rainbow models preceding the latest Rainbow 'E2 Black Model' including the Rainbow ‘E2 Blue Model’.

Wet & Dry Hoses

The main difference with the new Rainbow ‘E2 Black Model’ is that it now comes with one hose for ‘wet & dry’ whereas the Sirena system and the previous ‘E Series’ Rainbow models have two hoses, one for wet and one for dry.

Advantages to buying the Sirena System over the Rainbow E2:

  • The Sirena System is two / three times less expensive than the Rainbow System - depending on whether Rainbow has a promo on, or if you buy a unit second hand. At full price for a new system, it’s three times more expensive than the Sirena
  • The water reservoir of the Sirena is almost double the size of the Rainbow. Rainbow offers a larger water reservoir as an additional purchase/ price
  • The Sirena is highly competitive to the Rainbow in regards to the longevity of the machine, this is demonstrated by the 10-year motor warranty compared to 8 years for the Rainbow (plus warranty is forfeited on a second hand Rainbow unless you buy from Sirena itself)

The specifications articulating the capacity and performance of the Sirena are outstanding, which makes us ask “how do you justify the additional expense involved in purchasing a Rainbow?”


Sirena System Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

✓ Canadian designed & engineered with a 1200W Italian motor
✓ Dual stage water & HEPA filtration system to trap dirt & clean the air
✓ Sanitizes the air in the home while cleaning
✓ Perfect for people who suffer from Asthma, allergies and sinus problems
✓ No bags so the Sirena runs at 100% efficiency and suction, 100% of the time!
✓ 10 Year Warranty

The Little Yello Steam Cleaner

✓ Clean your home with the power of Steam!
✓ No harmful chemicals, no bleach, no toxic cleaning agents
✓ Clean ALL areas of the home - bathroom, kitchen and even car!
✓ Remove smells, stains, odours off all types of surfaces

Jade Taylor